Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bring the Rain

It's been a while again. There is so much to say, but today I'm going to keep it short & sweet in light of the circumstances. Adam and I have been through a really rough & terrible week. On Tuesday night we found out that his 8 year old brother has an in-operable brain tumor. I don't think it has all settled in yet, but we know that our hearts are heavy and burdened. We still remain completely hopeful though. We have a great Healer on our side. Jesus. And I am confident that He is completely in control and will guide us through this storm.

All this to say, we humbly ask for prayer. Prayers for healing for little Jacob, comfort for all of us, patience to get through the good days and bad days, and most of all that our God would be glorified through this situation. This is not the world He intended for us- it is broken & sick- and right now we are longing for the restoration and hope that heaven brings.

Adam and I are also moving to be closer to the family this upcoming weekend. It's a REALLY hard transition for us. We're moving away from our church family and the part of Phoenix that we love and have lived in since we've been married. It's all happening so fast, so I won't be around too often in the next few days. But these are the times I need my blogging family! So, I will be sharing my thoughts and updates often.

Thanks for your prayers.
Love, Krystle

P.S. The title of my post is "Bring the Rain". It's a song my MercyMe that is really comforting to me right now. Check it out :)