Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Friday!

The most recent picture of all of us- I haven't been good at taking pics lately :(
So, what's been going on here ? .....
Nothing too exciting. In the picture I posted, we were all headed to Adam's basketball game. He joined a league for the summer, and I'm sad to report that they didn't win 1 measly game! It was a lot of fun going to watch him play though :) Ellie loved cheering on #7 and was really sad when she saw him play and couldn't go out to the court to see him.
This past week Ellie got a double ear infection! Poor baby! She had a high fever one night and I called my pediatrician, and he said that if she still had a fever that lasted for 3 days then to come in....well it just kept getting worse(104-106 temps!!) and low and behold, it was in both ears! I felt so bad for her. She is such a tough little girl though. Still SO happy even though she was SO sick. Gotta love that :) She is on the mend though, thank goodness!
I am still plagued with pregnancy sickness and might I say that it has been INTENSE this time around! Some days it lasts from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed at night :( I'm 8 weeks on Monday, so I just keep telling myself that I need to last 4 more weeks....Seems like forever!
A lot of my anxiety is gone about this pregnancy. I just feel really good about it. And I feel God constantly telling me to trust Him. So trust I shall! I feel like I have been seeing a ton of babies lately and it's getting me REALLY excited :) I love the newborn stage of checking out their environment, eating, then sleeping. Such a simple life. And one of the easiest times (in my opinion so far) of having a baby. I'm glad that part comes first!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm Baaaccckkkkk!

(Ellie being goofy with her sunglasses on our camping trip :)

Well, soul searching didn't quite go as planned. Turns out that the Lord wanted me to chill out for a bit because I was about to find out that I am pregnant again :) I'm probably only about 6-7 weeks right now.

I have been a crazy fanatic about taking care of myself. Every SINGLE day, mulitple times a day, I am fretting over having another miscarriage. Truth is, I'm terrified of it. It's something that I need to work through with the Lord. This past Sunday a pastor at our church did a sermon on worrying and man did I need that! I keep telling myself that I just need to trust God and roll with the punches. Life serves you lemons all the time.
I have been feeling incredibly sick though....which is a wonderful thing to me! I wasn't sick at all my last pregnancy and that really freaked me out- turns out my gut feeling was right about the pregnancy feeling really off. But this time, I feel the exact same as I did with Ellie, which makes me feel like this force is strong with this baby :)

I feel so blessed to be able to grow another baby. It's kind of intimidating thinking of having 2 kids. But SO exciting at the same time. There are days now that I struggle with wondering if I am a really good mom to I attentive enough, do I play with her enough, am I teaching her all that I should be, am I being a good example, etc? So many things to consider. So the thought of doubling that is pretty intense.

Right now, I'm just trying to wrap my mind around this pregnancy. Trying to embrace it rather than be scared of it. I felt like I needed to blog again to just put my thoughts down on paper (or computer). If you guys could just pray for patience that would be awesome. I feel like I'm in a waiting game until my 12 weeks is up. Again, I just want to focus on enjoying it....not playing a game.

It's good to be back.