Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wanna Come Along???

It has been a little harder to blog lately. My mind is so flooded with "stuff" that things are just not coming out clear. Thankfully the "Doula" post was pretty consistent so that you all could actually follow some of my thoughts (thanks for all of your sweet comments by the way!).

So, I have decided to invite you all along. I have lots of mini-projects to do before Ellie arrives. LOTS! I am going to try to get maybe 1 a day accomplished...we'll see! I'm sorry if some of them just aren't that exciting, but I feel like it would give me some good accountability to do it if I include you all :) Here is my first list to get through- We will try this for ONE week to see how good I am. I don't like making empty promises!

1. Make a Birth Plan just in case I have to go to the hospital.
Ok, don't pee your pants or anything, I KNOW how exciting this one is! I bet you all can't wait! ha!!!

2. Complete Ellie's room.
Find white rocking chair for under $100, sew final step for crib skirt, and organize a little more.

3. Condense Baby Wise Info for Weeks 1 & 2 after she is born.
Baby Wise is a book all about scheduling feeding/sleeping times. Another post that I'm sure will knock your socks off!

4. Complete last set of Maternity Photos.
Our awesome friend
Jennifer is taking another round of photos for us this Saturday. I can't wait!

That would be 4 posts in a week! Wow. Can I do it????

Friday, April 24, 2009


Sometimes it seems that all of my schooling towards my nursing degree was a waste. I'm not a nurse- so what does that tell me? Anatomy & Physiology kicked my butt each time I took it. I even shot my anatomy book one day when Adam and I went shooting! It felt good. This has been something that has been really discouraging to me. It's mixed around with a lot of feelings of failure & self-doubt. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew that my efforts towards my degree were about to be prolonged even further! This was both good & bad. I was tired of the constant disappointment failing brought me & happy to get some relief for a while, but also sad that I had worked so hard for something that seemed like wasted time.

I think I may have found the solution though. A happy happy medium. Well, I say medium, but I have no idea really. Recently I have been thinking about becoming a Doula. Need a definition?

dou⋅la / [doo-luh]
a woman who assists women during labor and after childbirth

....that's a pretty simple definition, because I think they do much more. But that's the sweet & simple. Basically, they are a life-line in labor, delivery, and the transition time that follows. They give you support (emotional & physical), they can be an advocate for you and your partner in the delivery room, and be whatever you need them to be in that sensitive time of giving birth to your child.

Anyways! I went to a mini-doula training this past Saturday (thanks Leigh!), and it was so awesome. It just validated further that doing this career change is the right move for me. I am so passionate about the whole birthing process- the natural, simple process. I think it is so easily overlooked. I am planning on making the move to do this at some point in August after I have a few months of getting use to being a momma! I am going to attend a few births- then do a few of them for free for the brave people that trust me enough to hire me!- and then plan on doing it on my own soon after. I am so excited!

I have also thought about the possibility of becoming a home-birth midwife...but that is further in the future, so we will just have to sit on that for a while :)

Here is a picture of my last visit with my midwife Mary...she is awesome. Look at that massive belly!!
So, that's that, but I also wanted to give you all some pregnancy updates!

*As of right now, I am 36 weeks!!! She is safe to come anytime according to my midwife...Ah!
*I am feeling pretty large...ok VERY large. Sleep isn't the same. But I guess that's what you can expect when a large human is in your belly.
*I LOVE eating ice. Love it. Adam hates it. He thinks I am not a "polite-ice-chewer". Ha!
*I pee almost everytime I sneeze. Wanna hear something funny? I have an extra pair of underwear on my purse at all times "just-in-case". Gross.

Besides that, I am feeling WONDERFUL. Pregnancy has been a blast. A LONG adventure so far. But it's crazy that it's coming to an end soon. Am I ready? No. Somedays I think I am, but most days I feel like I am in un-charted territory (which I am), and it's pretty overwhelming. But hey, how many woman have done this and conquered? Too many to count. I think I'll be just fine...
I will leave you with a picture of me these days. If you see a hint of a double-chin...well, I'm just a little hungrier these days....

Alexa & I
Love, Krystle

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bloody Taxes!

Adam and I were expecting a large tax return this year- we don't know why, but we just were. We found out yesterday that we actually OWE thousands!!!! WHAT?!?!?! This was SUCH a disappointment. We had a long talk about the government after that... talking about everything that we are charged for here that is actually suppose to be a "service" to the people. ARGH! Anyways, I won't even go into that stuff, but we were bummed to say the least! Totally threw off our totally-rockin' savings budget we have had going preparing for Ellie to come. But I guess that's what happens when you turn into an adult... oh how I wish that I could be a kid again sometimes...wandering through life, oblivious to bills and commitments....

Anywho, I have been going through a rough patch the past few days. I think I'm having anxiety or something. I haven't been able to sleep, and my mind is just racing...it's not nesting...I'm not worried about getting things done or anything....although maybe I should! I have missed work and have just been in a weird funk. Not to mention I was getting a cold sore from the stress!...the last thing I wanted since my shower is coming up....and to be over 8 months pregnant, with a nasty cold sore makes me feel like nothing less than a mutant!!! Last night I was finally able to get some rest, and I'm hoping it will last! I've also decided to stop reading birthing books for a while...sometimes TOO much information is just TOO much. I figure my body will pretty much know how to take care of itself when those lovely contractions begin...and I wasn't nervous about it until I started reading 3 different books on it at a time! So, problem solved....hopefully ;)

I have Shower #2 coming up here on Monday! I'm so excited :) I can't wait to get all of my stuff together and start organizing and figuring out what we have left to get...Only 7 weeks to go! The countdown has begun.

So, that's just a little update. Hope all is well for all of you in the blogosphere (wow, that was so nerdy!)...but I'm not erasing it!!!

Love, Krystle

Friday, April 3, 2009

Shower Time!

Last Saturday I had my first baby shower thrown at my mom's house. It was so much fun and a BLAST to catch up with everyone! Like I said before, we received an overflow of gifts & were totally blown away by people's generosity. Here are some pictures of our day!
Alexa (aka: game planner & former roomie!)
This on explains itself :)
Yep...pretty self explanatory..but what a GREAT picture!
Shannon- Proof that blog buddies are friends in REAL life too! ha!
The favors! How cute are they?! Made out of a cup, cotton bals, and tissue...amazing.
The Cupcake Cake
My Mom & I
My Sister & I
Alright...we played pictionary...guess what I'm drawing! Note: I told everyone sorry in advance because I knew the drawing would be VERY awkward & inappropriate!!! Ha ha! I was drawing "Labor"
Love, Krystle