Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time flies when you're BUSY BUSY BUSY!

Whew! Seems like all I'm doing on here lately is long updates....well, here's another one just to keep the cycle going!


* Turned 9 months on Feb. 17!
* Only likes pears & sweet potatoes....her favorite "food" is still breastmilk!
* She is crawling, standing up on her own, and is SO close to walking.
* Dada can make her laugh the most....it's sooo precious :) Makes my heart melt!
* Totally a mommy's girl. It's the best. Simply the best.
* She loves to spit.
* She is finally sleeping in her own bed at night...tear :( I miss her, but it's the BEST thing for her....or at least that's what I'm telling myself! Ha!
* She is super independent and loves to crawl around and explore. It's so fun to watch her.
* She is a total night owl! Her bedtime is anywhere between 9:30-11:00....at least she sleeps in to make up for that!
* She is currently asking for a baby brother or sister.....well, that's what she would ask for if she could talk :) I'm sure of it!

* Currently in school taking my last 2 classes to finish up my prerequisites for nursing school.
* Proud to say that I made 100% on my first Anatomy & Physiology test!
* Love Love Love staying home with my baby. Most rewarding job on the planet. Pure bliss on even the hardest of days :)
* Trying to have baby #2! Well I put this under my category, but really, I suppose Adam is involved as well ;)
* I can't wait to move into our new place! Such a work in progress, but Adam is being quite the handyman and getting stuff done...so proud of him!


* Got a promotion at work about a month ago, and is busier than ever!
* Spends ALL of his free time working at the condo and doing a mighty fine job, I must add!
* Is such a great dad to Ellie. Like I said earlier, it just melts my heart when they play and laugh together. One of the best sounds a mommy can hear :)
* He has also been having to pick up the slack around the house with all that I have going on, and I'm sooo thankful for it!

That's us in a nutshell! Til' next time.....