Thursday, October 13, 2011

Enjoying the weather!

The nice thing about Arizona is when the weather finally cools down, it's SO nice to be outside. We took advantage of our zoo membership this weekend and took the girls! Claire did great and didn't really fuss at all, and Ellie loved it through and through. Can't tell you how much I love those two sweet girls. They are the lights of my life- for reals :) 
 Gotta love Claire's tiny hat! Ha! It's all I could find that morning...of course later in the day I found the jackpot of hats that fit her :)
 Daddy and his girls :)
 That coke bottle entertained Claire the entire time! It's the little things- forget toys! Anyways, how cute is she?!?! :)
 Ellie playing at the splash pad place- love this picture!
 Sleepy baby girl...

My girls :)

Hopefully there will be many more zoo trips to come. Our goal to get out every evening as a family during this wonderful weather! I'm so happy it's fall. Can't wait for the holidays and to start new traditions with my little family...:)

<3 Krystle