Monday, March 30, 2009


It finally happened! I'm working part-time again!!! It is so nice. It was my first "official" day today. I got off at 1pm, went to the Library, looked for some books-had no success-but that's ok! Then, I came home, made lunch, and watched pretty woman. It doesn't get better than that! I'm so excited to just have some more time at home organizing, relaxing, and preparing for Ellie to come :) I haven't had the "nesting" feeling yet, but at least now I will have time to go crazy if that's the case.

I had my first baby shower this past Saturday. It was absolutely wonderful. I felt so overwhelmed with how generous people were, and just the love & support that was in the room for Adam and I. It was a true blessing! Stay tuned for friend Jennifer at took the pictures for us, and I'm waiting to get hers back to post some :) I can't wait. She is so awesome. We were able to get all of our major stuff at that shower- stroller, car seat, pack-n-play, bath tub, tons of lotions, diaper cream, and body washes....and the list goes on! Wow. After that one I feel so greedy to have ANOTHER one that is coming up here really soon!

Adam and I are just so happy. Really. This time has been so much fun for us. We are so much closer as a couple right now, and it's so fun to always have something really COOL to talk about. I can't believe that there is only 8 weeks left til I get to see her! I can't wait to hold her & kiss her...and stare at her for hours! Ok, enough of that....

As a side note, I have been thinking about being a mom and what that means. Mostly, I don't want to lose my identity in it all. I have a friend who did SUCH a good job at keeping "mommy talk" to a minimum, and I hope to be that same way. I still want to be able to have all of the friends that I had before, and not overload them with mom stuff. I think it's SO important for people to know that you are STILL interested in THEM.....just something I've been thinkin about...

Alright, now I'm gonna leave you with some random pictures of our life lately.....
Adam and I in San Diego March 13th for my mom's Birthday :)
An AWESOME picture I took at Sea World!
Adam shooting while I was at my baby shower...that's our old vacuum! ha ha :)Adam putting our stroller together! yay :)
Finished Product!
Love, Krystle

Monday, March 23, 2009


As I sit here in bed watching my husband sleep, I have so many thoughts. I am so thankful to have Adam. He is a precious gift from God. My heart is so full with the love I have for him. I have my laptop on my stomach right now, and as I type, Ellie is kicking and moving it around. Amazing. Another precious gift from God. Life can be so sweet.

I am amazed at how God works. The title of my post is "More" because no matter what we have in our lives that bring us pleasure & happiness, there is absolutely nothing better than having more of Jesus in our lives. No matter how good life can be, it still leaves us with a deep longing for the purest love of all- the love of our Father.

I'm happy that nothing on this earth comes close to sweetness of knowing Jesus. No amount of love for a person-no matter how large-can fill the spot of our Savior who died to have communion and fellowship with us.

Tonight I missing Him. Since being pregnant, I have gone through some dry times with my faith. Not that it's bad because in order to know how good God is, we go through all kinds of seasons in life. But I think I'm ready. I'm ready to dive deep & emerge into the waters of walking closely with the Lord. Giving myself over. Overcoming insecurities & fears. I'm remembering the song by Leeland "Carried to the Table"- I recall a line in there that says "And I don't see my brokenness anymore...when I'm seated at the table of the Lord." And my friends, that is so true. When I am "seated" next to my God, everything is exposed. And it feels good. I don't have to hide behind anything. He made me. He loves me. He cares about me. He knows me. He knows my motivations & thoughts-good or bad. And through all of that, He still wants a close, tight, one of a kind relationship with me. That is amazing.

So, I want more. More of his love. More of his presence in my life. How sweet it is that He is there waiting for me. Tonight. Ready to take me in under His wings & welcome me back home. Thank you Jesus.

Nursery Update

I have a headache, so this post will be short...

Remember those wall stickers that I really liked? Well, it ended up that it was a little too much for the budget...bummer! But, I comprimised on some really cute barn yard stickers...on the box, they put them up over a white changing table...and guess what? I HAVE a white changing table! Yes!

So, I put them up above it, and I like how it turned out :) Her themeless room is coming along quite well...I still need a few more things. Something to put on the wall behind the rocker/glider chair that will go in the corner, a cute rug, and some drawers to put all of her stuff in. It so crazy that I only have 9 weeks left! It is approaching faster than I expected. I'm still anxious but I feel like I still have sooo much to do...which is nice. I will stay busy.

Oh yeah! And I don't have to work full time anymore as of this week.....ahhhh.....sigh of relief. My body is feeling the bigness now, and I think it was perfect timing.
Also, Adam and I watched a birthing video, and it showed a woman birthing the placenta too...nasty. Seriously. I am NOT looking forward to that. We were both a little queasy after that..haha! Oh to being new parents....what a weird journey. Lots of firsts.
After: I am going to put her name in those cute letters with the ribbon above the little animal pictures :)

Her loot above: We have gotten ALL of this stuff for free...such a blesssing. I already have a billion cute outfits, socks, onesies, a crib, and changing table! Wow.
And I just HAD to torture Sophie! I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier!! Ha ha! I am so mean...I know. But isn't it funny?!?!

She was not thrilled to say the least...she wouldn't even look at me! ha!!!
Love, Krystle

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


It's happening. I'm getting anxious for my baby to come. I still feel pretty patient, but I'm just getting excited. The thought of seeing her & holding her in my arms is so overwhelming. I remember seeing my little brother right after he was born, and I was so in love with him. I was just sobbing. I remember thinking, "How is it possible to have so much love for someone so fast?" I can't even imagine how it's going to feel to hold my very own daughter in my arms for the first time. Sigh....

I have been reading lots of birthing stories lately. Mostly of women who have decided to give birth at home. It's truly amazing. I can't help but wonder what my birth story will be like. I don't even like to think of it as a birth story actually, but more of a journey. It isn't something that starts and then ends. It's just the first chapter of the rest of your new life. I think that it all starts when you are in labor, going through the process with your baby already. There can be a lot of love wrapped up in all of the emotions of childbirth; the pain, the moments of rest, the frustration, the anxiety, the hope, the anticipation...all of it. That's one of the things that I'm actually looking forward to most. Call me crazy, but to think that I get to experience all of that knowing that my precious girl will be out of me, and that is the outcome of my efforts through that day or so that I labored is so empowering. I haven't talked about it much here on my blog except for when I originally announced that I was doing a home-birth. But it is something that I have become very passionate about. The natural-beautiful process. And don't get me wrong, it can be a beautiful process no matter how it is done; hospital, home, birthing center....but for me, it feels most natural to do it this way. Uninterrupted, all by myself (with Adam's love & support of course), feeling everything & using many many comfort measures/tools to calm & relax me.

I honestly can't wait.

When I picture Ellie, I think that she will have dark curly hair, blue eyes, and look like her daddy. But we'll see....

Anxiously waiting,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Things that ROCK

I decided to make a list of things that ROCK in my life right now! It's awesome when you feel like things are just good.

1. My relationship with Adam definitely rocks. Serioulsy. I never imagined that I could ever fall more in love with him than I already was. He is so wise, talented, intellegent, driven, focused, FUNNY, clever, positive....and not to mention 1/2 of the reason that a baby girl is growing inside of me. We all better watch out once Ellie actually comes & I get to see him be a dad. I'm not sure if there is anything better in the world. And you may never hear from me again because I will be too fascinated with my husband. Sorry if that was too "lovey", but I can't help myself. He rocks.

2. My baby. She rocks even inside of my belly. I bet she is already really cool. I like to feel her moving in there, but mostly I feel like there is an alien living in my body. And that's the truth. A cute one though. Meeting her will be so amazing. Can't wait...Only 11 weeks left.

3. My midwife....also known as "Mary the Midwife". Really. You should all check her out. She just uploaded videos of herself on her website, and it's a cool sneak peak into what she is really like as you care-taker during birth. ....I'm serious. Do it.

4. When Adam grows out his beard, it definitely rocks. I will post many-a-pictures when that glorious day arrives-You will all agree with me.

5. When people say awesome things about your relationship with your husband. Recently when we were taking our first set of pregnancy pictures, our photographer said that she could definitely see how babies were made in our home- and that we were giving her a look into our lives and didn't even know it. That statement rocked. I like it when people can see how much fun we have together-hence the reason we make babies....and will continue to make many more.

6. When your mom looks better than you in a bathing it suit, it definitely rocks. There is no shame in that. We are going to California this weekend for my mom's 40th birthday, and she looks awesome. Really awesome. I hope to be in the shape she is in after the baby. Cross my fingers.

7. Reading blogs that are very real. Real life, real people, with raw & controversial statements, and being proud of it. That rocks. It's a rarity (did I make that word up?) these days, and I truly appreciate it when I come across one. Everyone should just say what's on their mind. Forget the fluffiness. That stuff isn't really that fun to read. I hope I'm not offending, I'm just practicing what I'm preaching right now I guess :)

8. A good lyric. Such as this one: "Love hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt....and it feels like I'm alive". -Incubus. I like that. Again, it's real life. Sometimes those true emotions that are hard to deal with hurt, but for some reason, it feels good. It gets you out of life's routine, and into the reality that we are alive & fragile.

8 is all you people get. I'm sure there are many more things, but that's good for now. I don't want to make anyone jealous :) j/k!

Happy Monday.

Love, Krystle

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nursery & Proof

I am staying true to my word (well, for the most part) about taking it easy this weekend. Since I finished the circles, we decided to put them up today. I'm glad that my multi-color theme seems to be working out. Oh, and the crib skirt isn't done yet, I just put the material there to get an idea of what it would all look like :) And excuse the crappy lighting....Ellie's room needs a few more lights in there to be able to take a decent picture...anyways, I just wanted to show you the finished product!

P.S. i sooo wish we could have painted the wall, but since we live in an apartment, and we are going to move out, I didn't want to waste my I'm going to try to improvise somehow! We'll see.
P.S.S. This crib was actually given to us. SUPER nice of my parent's neighbors! Not bad for a hand me down!!!
And here is some proof that we are doing nothing: Adam playing video games ( a VERY rare occasion nowadays)!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wall Art

I finished my first project for Ellie's room on Tuesday night. Working on a tight budget, I had to get creative, and I did this little number for only $15! I was so excited :) I asked Adam if he would make us dinner while I just crafted...and he said yes! Mr. Wife to the rescue. I love it when husbands are awesome like that. My next project is going to be a crib skirt...I have never done that before, so we'll see how that goes! Oh, and thank you guys for your sweet comments to my pictures :) You sure know how to make a pregnant lady feel attractive! You guys rock.
Steve was so cute & stayed in this box the whole time I crafted :)
I used embroidery hoops (which come in the wood color), and painted them white
This was some of the fabric I used...I wanted lots of variety
Then I put the fabric into the hoop and cut around it...SUPER easy.
And here they are! Cute little circles to put above the crib. Love it!
Happy Friday everyone! Adam and I are planning on chilling out this weekend and doing a lot of nothing. Sometimes you just need a break from doing things and living the adult life. Can I get an amen?! Being an adult can seriously suck sometimes. Go to work, come home, make dinner, clean the house, catch up on randomness, and by the time you are done, it's time for bed & the things that you actually WANTED to do, don't get done. So, with all that being said, we are going to hang out, NOT clean the house, NOT do the laundry, NOT make a huge dinner, and DO some things that we feel like doing- maybe watch a million episodes of the office, catch up on "husband & wife time" (ahem), watch movies, go on some walks, and go out to get ice cream.....sounds amazing. This all starts........right now.
Love, Krystle

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

They have arrived!

Pictures, Pictures, and more pictures!!!

Jennifer at sent me pictures today! I said that I would post them when they came, so I'm fulfilling my blogging duties to all of you readers...whoever you are.... (happily of course!). They all turned out soooooooo great! I can't wait for the next go-arounds when I am even bigger... I just love the desert scene. So fitting since we are in Arizona. It's nice to capture Arizona's beauty. A desert really can be beutiful!

P.S. I finished one project for Ellie's room last night :) Can't wait to post it...probably tomorrow. Hope everyone has a VERY happy Wednesday!

Love, Krystle

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sneak Peak!

Here is our first sneak peak of the pictures that we took with our dear friend Jennifer. Check out her other photography at:
We are sooooo thrilled. We were able to check out a few shots before we left on her camera, and I was ALREADY blown away. I can't even imagine what the rest will look like once she does her magic to them! She does SUCH a good job, and it really was sooo much fun.
As soon as I get more I will post them! Can't wait!!!
Love, Krystle