Monday, March 23, 2009

Nursery Update

I have a headache, so this post will be short...

Remember those wall stickers that I really liked? Well, it ended up that it was a little too much for the budget...bummer! But, I comprimised on some really cute barn yard stickers...on the box, they put them up over a white changing table...and guess what? I HAVE a white changing table! Yes!

So, I put them up above it, and I like how it turned out :) Her themeless room is coming along quite well...I still need a few more things. Something to put on the wall behind the rocker/glider chair that will go in the corner, a cute rug, and some drawers to put all of her stuff in. It so crazy that I only have 9 weeks left! It is approaching faster than I expected. I'm still anxious but I feel like I still have sooo much to do...which is nice. I will stay busy.

Oh yeah! And I don't have to work full time anymore as of this week.....ahhhh.....sigh of relief. My body is feeling the bigness now, and I think it was perfect timing.
Also, Adam and I watched a birthing video, and it showed a woman birthing the placenta too...nasty. Seriously. I am NOT looking forward to that. We were both a little queasy after that..haha! Oh to being new parents....what a weird journey. Lots of firsts.
After: I am going to put her name in those cute letters with the ribbon above the little animal pictures :)

Her loot above: We have gotten ALL of this stuff for free...such a blesssing. I already have a billion cute outfits, socks, onesies, a crib, and changing table! Wow.
And I just HAD to torture Sophie! I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier!! Ha ha! I am so mean...I know. But isn't it funny?!?!

She was not thrilled to say the least...she wouldn't even look at me! ha!!!
Love, Krystle


Shannon said...

That is so funny! Practice those diapers!

thekirnancrib said...

so cute! I love it all! poor doggie ;)

S. said...

Love the sticker decorations!

Adrienne said...


Jessica and Deric MIller said...

Poor dog! The placenta is totally crazy, but when it comes out you don't even care. I found it funny and somewhat interesting! (Hey, I needed some laughter after all that work!) It is REALLY large and totally crazy looking! My dr. wanted a picture w/ it!!
Deric said all the birthing videos were nothing to the real thing. He said the videos made it more scary to watch it happening than it actually was--just so Adam knows. (However, the pain is REAL!) :)
Can't believe how quickly the time is going for you!! Enjoy these last weeks!!
PS. You may feel large, but you're not!