Saturday, March 7, 2009

Nursery & Proof

I am staying true to my word (well, for the most part) about taking it easy this weekend. Since I finished the circles, we decided to put them up today. I'm glad that my multi-color theme seems to be working out. Oh, and the crib skirt isn't done yet, I just put the material there to get an idea of what it would all look like :) And excuse the crappy lighting....Ellie's room needs a few more lights in there to be able to take a decent picture...anyways, I just wanted to show you the finished product!

P.S. i sooo wish we could have painted the wall, but since we live in an apartment, and we are going to move out, I didn't want to waste my I'm going to try to improvise somehow! We'll see.
P.S.S. This crib was actually given to us. SUPER nice of my parent's neighbors! Not bad for a hand me down!!!
And here is some proof that we are doing nothing: Adam playing video games ( a VERY rare occasion nowadays)!


J Claire said...

Those dots are darling! You should enter it in our nursery pictures contest. Other moms would love to hear details of how you made the dots and put your nursery together.

Here's the url if you're interested

Here are some pictures entered from past contests:

thekirnancrib said...

everything looks adorable!

A Glimpse of Home said...

A very cute idea! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Those are cute!

The Peevyhouse Family said...

They look so good! Good job Krystle!