Friday, October 9, 2009


I miss blogging. Like, REALLY miss it. Currently, we are unable to "steal" internet from innocent, unsuspecting neighbors, and to keep budget costs low, we have decided to not have the internet. Consider this a formal apology to all of my friends for using the internet at their house instead of hanging out...

AND, Can you BELIEVE I missed Nie's appearance on Oprah?!?!?! Come on! Talk about being really irritated. If I could have followed her online more closely, this tragedy would have never happened...did anyone out there watch it? How was it?? Please fill me in!

Currently, Adam and I are vacationing in California. So far today we have slept in, I called my moms to tell them we got in okay, fed Ellie some rice cereal, and watched a car chase in Dallas, Texas for about an hour...and liked it! Ha! It cracks me up that they call that "Breaking News" here in California. What in the world does that have anything to do with us? It is really funny though to hear the newscasters struggling to find something to talk about that whole time!

We are headed to the beach soon. Lots of pictures to be taken. Ellie is pretty stinking cute these days...I wish I had pictures to post now, but I'm not at my home . Soon my friends, very soon.

Hopefully our internet will be up and running next month (cross my fingers), then my posts will be more regular. Until then, enjoy the randomness :)