Friday, September 3, 2010

Annual Camping Trip: Year 3!

My friends and I feel pretty official about calling our camping trips "annual"'s our 3rd year this year, and each year seems to just get better and better! A bunch of us couples get together, bring lots of food, games, books- all relaxing material- and just have a good time. I think one of my favorite things to do when camping is sitting around the campfire talking about randomness :)

Also, each year seems to have some sort of big lifestyle change for Adam and I...let me explain:

About the time this picture had taken place, I was pregnant with Ellie! Got pregnant ON THIS trip! Ha ha! Gotta love tents :)
The next year we went, we had this little bundle of joy to take with us! She was SO good...oh remembering the easy days where she didn't want to get down to touch and explore EVERYTHING! This year should be interesting :)
This is just a super cute picture of Adam and Ellie..My favorite one I took on that trip :) Adorable baby, handsome lumberjack husband...doesn't get better than that!

And now to this years trip; I am pregnant with another little Porter and my baby is turning into a little girl- Oh how the years go by so fast! I can't wait to post pictures of this years trip. We always have a blast. The guys usually choose one day to go have a "man day" and they go hike until their feet feel like falling off. The girls stay back and play games pretty much the whole time- although this year I have a feeling I'm gonna be chasing Ellie around!
Wonder what next years will look like.........:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pink : 13 & Almost 16

Me: 13 weeks Pregnant- Finally popped out a little!-Wearing PINK :)
Ellie: Almost 16 Months-Such a BIG girl!- also wearing PINK :)

This is technically the last week of my first trimester! WOO HOO! Morning sickness is starting to ease up a bit....A BIT! But hey, it's better than nothin' right?! As the days pass, I'm getting more and more excited :) I'm so happy to be pregnant during the Arizona winter. It'll be so nice! I'm a "wear flip-flops all year round" kinda girl, so the weather in the winter is perfect for that! Still having some pretty intense hormone changes- if you don't believe me, just ask Adam! Poor guy. I seriously do feel really for him! We are going to be adding a little addition onto our condo for a tiny nursery. That'll be a fun post! I can't wait until we get it all finished.
Oh my sweet, strong-willed, stubborn, FUNNY, precious girl. She is so much to handle but also SO much to LOVE! Her personality has really been coming through in the past months, and it's such a joy to watch :) She can do all sorts of signs; monkey, ball, more, elephant, train, airplane, apple, flower, all done....there are a few more, but I can't name them at the moment. She is talking lots more these days too....her all time FAVORITE word and object is Ball. Her and ball are pretty tight. She spots them everywhere we go. She also loves to tell us "bye bye" as she is leaving a room, and gets excited to go to bed just to say" night night". So sweet. She aslo says "no" for everything. No means yes, and yes means yes. It pretty much all means yes. The only time we know she doesn't want something is when she gets mad and yells at us! And man o man is she a climber! Freaks her poor mom and dad out, but she is incredibly coordinated, so we try not to worry as much- in a split second she is on the dining room table, laughing, being so proud of herself- it's too cute! We are OVERJOYED to be her parents. It's not so much fun when she's throwing tantrums, or screaming because she's angry, but you take the good with the bad and love it all :)