Friday, April 10, 2009

Bloody Taxes!

Adam and I were expecting a large tax return this year- we don't know why, but we just were. We found out yesterday that we actually OWE thousands!!!! WHAT?!?!?! This was SUCH a disappointment. We had a long talk about the government after that... talking about everything that we are charged for here that is actually suppose to be a "service" to the people. ARGH! Anyways, I won't even go into that stuff, but we were bummed to say the least! Totally threw off our totally-rockin' savings budget we have had going preparing for Ellie to come. But I guess that's what happens when you turn into an adult... oh how I wish that I could be a kid again sometimes...wandering through life, oblivious to bills and commitments....

Anywho, I have been going through a rough patch the past few days. I think I'm having anxiety or something. I haven't been able to sleep, and my mind is just's not nesting...I'm not worried about getting things done or anything....although maybe I should! I have missed work and have just been in a weird funk. Not to mention I was getting a cold sore from the stress!...the last thing I wanted since my shower is coming up....and to be over 8 months pregnant, with a nasty cold sore makes me feel like nothing less than a mutant!!! Last night I was finally able to get some rest, and I'm hoping it will last! I've also decided to stop reading birthing books for a while...sometimes TOO much information is just TOO much. I figure my body will pretty much know how to take care of itself when those lovely contractions begin...and I wasn't nervous about it until I started reading 3 different books on it at a time! So, problem solved....hopefully ;)

I have Shower #2 coming up here on Monday! I'm so excited :) I can't wait to get all of my stuff together and start organizing and figuring out what we have left to get...Only 7 weeks to go! The countdown has begun.

So, that's just a little update. Hope all is well for all of you in the blogosphere (wow, that was so nerdy!)...but I'm not erasing it!!!

Love, Krystle

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Adrienne said...

how are you feeling? sorry i wasn't at your shower but i heard it was awesome! do you still have any needs for your little one?