Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Ok. So I'm trying this out. I got the idea from this blog, and it's so fun! I however will have an extremely SHORT one, but here goes! nice to's my first time!

....(you post about things you aren't too proud of).......

It was definitely NOT ME that cleaned a nasty NASTY toilet COVERED in pee and who knows what yesterday! I swear, the people that lived in the place we just bought DID NOT clean for even 1 second....I'm absolutely convinced. I wore clothes over that I could just cut off of my body...yep, it was definitely NOT ME cleaning other people's bodily excretions....not me!

It was also definitley NOT ME who put down a teenager's imprisoned father....this is how it went down....I was taking one of my brother's friends home from school, and I was asking what his parents do (you know, one of those conversation starters), he proceeds to tell me that his mom worked for intel or something like that, and that his dad didn't live with them. I then asked what he did, and he said that he was in prison.......and it was DEFINITELY NOT ME who said this.......

"Oh, well I guess he doesn't do anything then." - GASP!!!! Slap my mouth , hit my hand, & shame on me! I felt really terrible. Actually, no I didn't....because it was NOT ME who did that ;)

Last night after I cooked my husband chicken noodle soup (and might I add, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!) it was definitley NOT ME who decided to not do ANY dishes and leave my kitchen a bloody mess! My husband did not call me today and make fun of me by saying that I would still be working on those dishes by the time he came home 6 hours later.....Nope, NOT ME!

P.S. Ever wonder why God made men to not be able to handle sickness??? So weird. I mean, put em' out in the woods and they'll shoot something, chop down a tree, want to stay over night with just a blanket, but let them have a little stuffy nose, and you would think the world was crashing down! ha ha! Okay okay, ....I exhaggerate.....but you get the point!

Alright! There it is. Any of you have a NOT ME monday post I should check out? Do it!

Love, Krystle

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taqfamily said...

I've read her "not me Mondays" before, they're cute :)