Monday, December 13, 2010


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We have come to a decision ladies & gentlemen (although I'm not too sure any gentlemen read this!). We have been trying to decide on a middle name for Claire for quite some time, and Rebekah was the first one that we chose. For whatever reason we backed out on it, but now we're super happy with it! :) It's nice to feel like my little girl has a complete name now.

Today I am tackling all of Ellie's newborn clothes through 6 months..what to keep and what to toss! I feel like I still have a good amount of time to go, but since I'm working a lot, keeping up with my own kid, and pretty tired all the time, I figured I'd better get started!

We're also working on installing our wood flooring in Ellie's room this week :) Lots of before and after pics to come!

Love, K


Brittany and Eric said...

Love it, love it, love it! I bet it feels so good to have her name complete. I can't wait til we finally decide on something. Right now we are thinking maybe Saige Brianne or Brianna or something like because it combines the beginning of my first and middle name (Brittany Angella). My hubby really wants to name her Saige Brittany, but I just feel plain weird naming her my exact name and I really don't like the way that sounds anyways. He thinks if he keeps telling me sweet things about the reason that he wants to name her after me I might give in, but I am staying strong so far :) I am trying to come up with a good alternative. Anyways, congrats on deciding on the perfect name and I can't wait til Claire gets here!!! It's getting so close!

Organic Life Love said...

I didn't know you chose Claire! That is MY middle name! IT is even more dear to my heart because my grandmother just passed away, and that was HER middle name- so- I think you chose wisely! I think Rebekah is gorgeous, and I Love it so much! So excited for you guys!

Chase said...

For the record, I am a dude and I read your blog; Sarah told me to check out the wood flooring you all installed in your place. Very impressive. And the Claire thing is nice too... :-)