Thursday, January 6, 2011

Done & Done!

So my estimated time of being done with this room was WAY off! Haha! But that's okay. It will be considered our "practice" room, and I'm sure our bedroom and Claire's nursery will go much much faster! I have to add though, that Adam did ALL of the work. I just made sure that Ellie wasn't in the way. He has become such a handyman since getting our condo- You are the BEST babe :)

Laying the Floor
A view from the closet- if you look out that window, that will be where we are making Claire's to come!
Ellie walking (or wobbling around) on her new wood floors!
Getting all the toys out of the living & back in her room- Hallelujah!
Our next project, which we are starting on tonight, is the wood in our bedroom. We can't wait to start and keeping making this little home our own :)
P.S. Hopefully we really will be DONE by the end of the weekend and I will post 2 blogs in 1 week! Crossing my fingers :)


Regina said...

Looks beautiful..Great job my handyman son!!!!

Lane said...

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