Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things to Remember


  • The perfect way to describe Claire is to say that she's definitely a girl. Very emotional. High highs and low lows :) Very different than Ellie. Ellie was very content 98% of the time. But I love their differences. I can't wait to see how it all plays out when they're older.

  • Claire BITES when we nurse! OUCH! Again, something Ellie never did. She's not crazy about the whole eating process in general. She only wants to eat to get it done and have a full belly. She doesn't linger, which is nice. But I love the sweet moments when she takes her time and her and I get to have a little one-on-one time.

  • She doesn't like food at all right now. She acts like I'm torturing her! Little stinker.

  • She has a few nicknames that she responds to like stinky & missy Lou! :)

  • Of all people, Ellie can make her laugh the most- melt my heart.


  • She is talking up a storm these days! I just love it. My favorite thing she says/asks is "What's that it is?"- translation- "What is that?" Haha! It is so cute.

  • Every night when I put her to bed, we have to re-enact the last part of the Tangled movie when Rupunzel and Eugene hug and kiss- too funny. She lays in bed and we both look at each other like we've never met and say "Eugene!" then hug and kiss. We always do it, no matter how tired she is, she always remembers :)

Just a few things I want to remember about this time in my life right now. Having kids is so much fun!

P.S. I'm already ready for another one! No joke.


Sarah said...

I cannot believe how big Ellie is getting!! Wow...I have an award for you over on my blog. :)

Sarah said...