Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Day

I figured that you would all want to know what my schedule is like today. I think it's quite ridiculous.

6:15am- Wake up
6:35am- leave for work (don't judge me for my lack of a shower!)
7:00am- Go to work to find out I have to stay later than 1pm..I know...cry me a river why don't you...I'm spoiled these days!
4:45pm-Get off of work, head home
5:00pm-Meet with a couple of kids from the youth group for an hour
6:00pm- Go to youth group & teach my freshmen girls about God
8:00pm-Leave small group room @ church, then go back to youth room to practice worship songs for camp this weekend for a few hours.
10:30-11:00pm-Finally get home & go to BED! (Note: No intentions to shower at any point today).

Top it off with a pregnant protruding belly, a sore back, and feeling like you wanna throw-up all day. LOVELY..........AND!!!! I don't get to watch the season premier of my most favorite show tonght either!!!! Oh my sweet sweet Lost, I shall miss you dearly and look forward to being glued to television tomorrow night for our reunion :)

Dare I try to have a good attitude about it all?... We'll see.


thekirnancrib said...

I hope you survived! you make me feel like a total BUM! ;) btw, I can't believe you are 22 weeks, time is FLYING!

Shannon said...

I want to see your belly! I get ready just as quick as you do...can't miss out on sleep :)