Monday, May 4, 2009

Birth Month....Hopefully!

It's here! THE month. I feel like I have waited SO long for May to come. I'm weeks away from meeting my little girl, and I can't wait. And if you are all wondering about my little projects I promised to post all in 1 week...well...I did finish 3 of them...I just haven't posted yet :( Bad me. I will do one massive post with it all on there sometime in the next few days.

I had an inkling that Ellie was posterior (meaning she is basically laying on my back, which causes LOTS of pain in labor). And I was right. My midwife confirmed it on Saturday...bummer! So it's totally game time. I am doing a ton of different things to try to move her around. And it better work dang-it! I don't want a labor that lasts for days, which can totally end up happening if she doesn't decide to move. But, I'm not gonna stress about it. I will just take it as it comes, and work with my circumstances as they arrive (insert positive-optimistic thinking here!).

One thing that has NOT FAILED to amaze me during this pregnancy are other people's opinions. Sometimes I think I wish that people would just let me make mistakes (lots of them) instead of offer their friendly "suggestions". Bringing a life into this world is a lot to take in all by itself. Add other people's opinions about how you should parent, breastfeed, discipline, etc, and you've got one crammed mind full of self-doubt and confusion- constantly questioning your own decisions that you have already made and felt COMPLETELY comfortable & excited about. It's so unfortunate when you would rather sit back and not say what you are "planning" to do, in fear of having to be on the immediate defense after you say it. This is no bueno people. No bueno. I hope no one takes this as me not being open to suggestions, because I am, but sometimes people are just too overpowering and dictating with their opinions, not allowing YOU to figure it out for yourself...does that make sense?

Anyways! All of that to say, I am so happy & excited... Of course very apprehensive & nervous at the same time. Adam has still been absolutely amazing. I have no complaints in the marriage area...just feeling truly truly blessed. Did I mention Adam is growing his beard out again? I'm pretty sure his level of awesomeness increases 100% each time he does this.... my manly lumberjack :)

Wish me luck in my baby-turning adventures!


thekirnancrib said...

come on Ellie! listen to your momma!!!

you are going to be AMAZING Krystle. I'm not going to give you any "suggestions," but if you decide you have questions about ANYTHING, I'm just a call/text/email away. I can't wait for Brynlee's buddy to be here! :) xoxo

Meghan said...

I wish you luck in baby turning. You will be such a good mamma!

Katy Brown said...

Hi Krystle. I am not sure if you remember me or not from Chandler Christian years ago, but Congratulations on the soon to be baby! ( I love her name ) I hope your labor goes quick and painless. I just had our little baby girl 3 weeks ago. Try to enjoy it as much as possible, don't worry about what other people have to say, everyone has an opinion, take it with a grain of salt. One thing I read that has helped me a bunch is that babies don't know if you are doing it wrong, all they know is that your their mom and you are doing it perfect in their eyes. Good luck!!

Adrienne said...

so you are a beard lady! golly i can't stand willy's facial hair. to each their own. ;)
i totally know what you are saying about people telling you what to do... or making their suggestions. it's so annoying. i have had those problems even more since i had lucas. i guess what i learned is when you have questions only ask people's opinions that you want. for those that offer without you asking. smile and nod. haha.

Jessica and Deric MIller said...

I hope Ellie moves so you are not in labor for days! NOT FUN!
I hope my "suggestions" aren't annoying!! I understand that everyone has their own opinion, so I try not to impose too much!!! Just do what you think is the best for Ellie! :)
I already give you props for having a natural birth!