Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Day in the Life of ME!

There is nothing too special about me lately other than mastering the art of being extremely busy. For example, tonight I didn't even get home until about 10:00, didn't put the baby in bed til 10:45, and my mind is so wound (spelling?!) up that I can't even go to sleep. Anatomy & Physiology ON THE BRAIN. Would anyone like to know about Intramembranous Ossification?? I'll tell you all about it :) Just to mark it in history, I'd like to recap my days this past week:

7:30- Wake up, feed baby
8:00- Get ready for school (Mon, Wed, & Fri)
8:30- Do some last minute studying or homework
9:00- Take Ellie to Heather's to be babysat
9:30- 10:20- Math Class
10:30- Pick up Ellie & other baby I watch & come home
11:00- they take naps, I do more homework & studying
1:00- Babies awake, I feed them, change diapers, etc
1:00-2:00- Get some good play time in
2:00- 3:00- Give them some independent time & review some flash cards
3:00- Naps again and I do MORE homework
4:00- Wake up, feed, change diapers, etc
4:30- Scarlett is picked up, Adam gets home
4:50- Last minute dinner prep or take a shower!
6:00- Go to school
7:45- Come home & try to hang out with fam for a bit & eat dinner
8:30- Put Ellie in bed
9:00- Study again
Pass out at some point after that...
Whew! My hand hurts from just typing all of this...seriously....I wrote out around 500 notecards this weekend alone and it gave me tendonitis! Ha ha! Embarassing to admit!

Can't wait til things start slowing down and I get some free time!


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Shannon said...

glad to see you blogging so much again! I HAVE MISSED YOU!!