Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Warning: Random Overload
This post has no meaning really. Just thoughts, even a couple happenings...
  • Just found out today that my dear friend who is leaving me and moving to California soon is having a sweet, precious baby boy. After 3 miscarriages, she is growing more & more beautifully pregnant each day. It is such a gift from God.
  • I'm laying in bed right now typing this and Adam leaned over to tell me that I needed to go to bed. My response " No I don't...I can do whatever I want." He rolled over and went back to sleep.
  • I'm packing my house this week to move. Lots of work. Hard work.
  • I am yearning to be pregnant again. Oh to feel a little life moving inside of me! I almost forget what it feels like. Thinking back on my homebirth, it was just as perfect as can be. So peaceful yet chaotic. I wasn't ready, or so I thought, but she came at the perfect time on the perfect day. I thought I'd want to listen to music the whole time, but I didn't. It figures because the day that I thought I was pregnant (and was) listening to music made me feel like throwing up....should've seen it coming.
  • Ellie screams a lot. Not out of anger or frustration. Out of excitement! It's so cute but so LOUD! It feels like my eardrums are gonna blow. But I love it.
  • She also climbs a lot. Today she worked her way onto my rocking chair & that thing is pretty high off the ground! Kinda scary, but kinda awesome.
  • I got an 84% on my Anatomy & Physiology test. I feel okay about it. I didn't study as hard this time around. But I still have an A in the class, so that's good.
  • Had some good fellowship with another dear friend tonight. God spoke to me and told me some things to share with her. It was wonderful. So awesome to see God working in someone's life, and even more awesome to be a small part of it :)
  • I want to join some kind of league....maybe volleyball. Anyone know of any programs around Phoenix? Momma needs to work some weight off!
  • I can't belive that my baby is gonna be 1 soon. She is beyond precious. She just gets better and better with each day. I am soooo blessed.
  • We painted our bathrooms brown in the condo. We are calling it poop brown. I hope people don't think the same thing when they come over!
  • I can't believe that tomorrow is almost here. It came too fast. Time to go to sleep, then get back to the grind. Goodnight!




Lara said...

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Jessica and Deric MIller said...

I love this post, mostly b/c it's titled Thursday and you posted it on Wed. :)