Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Project: Kitchen Pantry Remodel

Okay, so I say Pantry Remodel, but I think that's a little misleading considering our pantry was left over boxes from the move :) It served it's purpose, but it was one of those areas that was sure to be hidden when guests came over! Adam has seriously become quite the handyman since we have lived here, and I'm SO proud of the things he has done to make our litle condo a home :)
Ellie & the "Old" Pantry
In Progress...
Painted & Polished!
Food items stored.....it's the simplest things we take for granted :)
SO happy to have a fully-funcional pantry! Thanks babe!!!
There have been so many little home projects that I haven't posted yet......I'm trying to get better!
P.S. Tomorrow's post: "My Favorite Things!"


Shannon said...

that first photo made me laugh! The pantry looks awesome! We dont have a pantry at our current home so I am excited to have one :)

Joshua and Elizabeth said...

Wow! Will that hold up cans??? :)