Thursday, May 6, 2010

There are 2 types of moms out there......

One's that complain and ones that don't. The more I encounter it, the more I realize it. Lets compare:

Non-griping Mother
  • Usually has a smile on her face
  • Doesn't say things like, "just wait until they are (fill in the blank) age, then you'll really wish they were still a baby!"
  • Loves on her kids, loves on her husband
  • Laughs a lot about funny things her kids do, or laughs at a frustrating moment instead of sighing
  • You can't help but feel encouraged when you walk away because you feel refreshed that there can actually be someone that just adores their children...I mean come on, how often do we see that?!
  • Talks to their children as if they matter, keeps her patience, doesn't wigg out because someone spilled their juice-stays calm!

Griping Mother

  • Sighs......A LOT!
  • Talks to her children in a high pitched, whiny voice, pleading with them to just do what she says
  • Seems like everyday is a "bad" day
  • Says lots of comments like, "Just wait til they crawl, or wait til they walk, or wait til they can talk, or wait til they get attitude, or enjoy it while you can, or ........etc, etc, etc! You've heard it! I know I have!
  • Usually acts like the kids are more of an inconvenience than a blessing

I could probably make both of these list a few pages long each, but I think you get the point. I feel like I have been from one spectrum to another with this issue. I really, really, really, enjoy being around non-griping mothers. Like I said before, it is just so refreshing. Women using their motherly, nurturing, God-given nature that flows and seems to ooze out them effortlessly. It's really captivating. And I haven't only been around mom's with one kid, I have been around moms with anywhere from 4-8 kids that have just blown me away. I wish I could just go up to them, give them a huge hug, and just say thank you!

The reason it's so captivating to me, is that it is a concious choice. When you are a mom, I think that there is at least 1 point everyday when you just wanna loose it. Whether it's just cleaning up to turn around and see everything a mess again, just changing an outfit to find it soiled with poo, going to the store with a crying baby and people looking at you, going out for a nice dinner & forgot you left a little too close to bedtime, or just simply wanting a moment to yourself when you realize that you are never alone when you're a mamma! But despite all this, to be able to keep your cool day in-and day out is admirable to say the least. There are so many reasons to be a Negative Nancy. So many. But it takes dedication, diligence, and integrity to choose to stay positive and be a wonderful example to your children.

So, my hat is off to all you cool mammas out there who try to keep a smile on your face and try to be as close to a Positive Partricia (like that one?? Ha!) as possible. I write all of this because there is one person on facebook that never fails to encourage me with just her status updates. So simple, yet effective. I think I am going to wrap this up and send her a message to say thanks :)


Vanessa said...

you inspire me.

Leigh Steele said...

speak your truth, mama!