Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello out there to all of you who actually still read this :)

I'm leaving for a while (leaving the land o' blogging that is) to do some soul searching. Well, my soul has been found and claimed in Christ, but I am feeling the nudge that God wants to do some work in me and wants my full attention. Between being a mom, wife, daycare, home-maker, and many many other things, there isn't too much time to spare. I am distracted WAY too easily and blogland doesn't help that! My life needs a little refresher :)

I plan on resurfacing may be weeks (probably not) or even months, but when I do I plan on revamping my blog and making it into somthings much cooler....even if that just means a much more awesome ME! I may keep the same address, or I may move somwhere else....oh the possibilities!

If you want to continue to follow me, leave me a comment and gimme your email so I can let you know when I re-emerge from my searchings....

Just to REcap on all of the RE's that will be happening:
Sounds wonderful.

Until next time friends,


Sarah said...

You'll be missed! I hope your pregnancy is going well and that you'll come back soon!

Becky Claflin said...

Keep me posted, Krystle!

Margaret said...

I always like reading what you guys are up to (I have your blog on my Google reader) and your blog posts often inspire me to reflect or think! So when you resurface, let me know. :-)

megseven AT yahoo

The Peevyhouse Family said...

I hope your soul searching goes well! keep me up to date once you come back. :)

R,K,L said...

Keep me updated!!!!!

Meg said...

I would like to keep in contact. I love your blog!! ~Meghan

Ashley said...

you better keep me posted girly! ;)