Thursday, October 7, 2010

2010 Camping Trip! FINALLY!!

This was our campsite! Beautiful, eh?! We went to the same exact spot last year & loved it, so we thought it fitting to give it another go around :) We even had the tarp to keep us dry in case it rained- it didn't, but it's always a lot of fun to watch the guys struggle to put it up- he he!

We had a bit of a smaller group this year- just 4 couples. But it was nice :) This is the guys before going on their traiditional Man Hike- guns, walking sticks & all! They had a good time as usual and even got to shoot their guns a few times.

Ellie hanging out by our inflatable boat we took out on the lake. Adam and I went on a little "date" for about 5-10 minutes trying to explore the lake on this thing- unfortunately, we had to come back after those 10 minutes because little ol' me wasn't feeling too hot- pregnancy woes! But we tried!

Ellie taking a bath in the wilderness! This was her, happy...before she experienced the cold water and hated it! Poor thing! She also ended up getting an ear infection while we were there- and we were pretty camped out- so we packed up early and went home :) So did everyone else though, so we didn't have to be the party poopers! P.S. It was definitely quite as challenging to have a toddler camping as I anticipated! Naps were non-existent, it was warm, and she was EVERYWHERE! I'm sure next year will be a little better- I hope!

The only picture we took of all of us! I love my family :) I have so so so so much life to catch you up on! This trip was the first weekend in September, and tons has happened since then. One of the MOST EXCITING things is happening tomorrow since we are finding out if our little baby is a boy or girl! To say "I can't wait!" is simply an understatement!!! It's 23 hours away!!!!!!!!

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Organic Life Love said...

You guys are so cute! You are brace for camping with a toddler, but I'm so happy you did. Sometimes I let my anxiety over those things stop me from doing stuff, but I completely believe you should try to do things with kids! AND, often they surprise you! So excited for you guys to find out the sex!


P.S. We need to get together soon, and have our girls meet! Yeah?