Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Vaccine Awareness Week: Nov 1st-6th

I am in NO way judging other people who decide to vaccinate their children. I am simply going off of the research that I have found, and I have SO many friends of mine who do vaccinate and feel 100% peace about that decision. This is an extremely personal thing, and since this is my PERSONAL blog, and it's awareness week, I thought I'd put in my 2 cents. So please, no hateful comments. Know that this is where I stand, and I respect where YOU stand. Heck, if you decided to write a post on being PRO-vaccine, I would give you a high five! I like when people say what's on their mind.

The National Vaccine Information Center is dedicating the first week in November to Vaccine Awareness. This is something that is SO close to my heart. I have stayed up very LATE many many times, reading books, looking up articles, reading ingredient lists for vaccines & their effects, in order to figure what to do with this important decision.

My oh my is this a controversial thing! I'm a little nervous to even write it on my blog and make it a public thing, but the truth is, I really am passionate about it. You know how you just have to share a good thing when you know about it?- Kinda like sharing the Gospel to unbelievers?

Well, sadly I think that the effects that vaccines can cause to our children is an issue that gets swept under the rug, and that people think you are a TOTAL weirdo for not just doing it. For me though, I just haven't seen anything out there that has convinced me that I SHOULD vaccinate. As I read ingredients lists, and what each of those things can do to our children's bodies, and the MINIMAL, I mean MINIMAL research done to prove that these things are not harmful or cannot forever damage our children, it scares me to death. There is WAY more money going towards the promotion of vaccines, rather than the RESEARCH to make sure that they are safe. And in most cases, symptoms and side effects that children DO have from the vaccines, go unreported- doctors attribute these symptoms to other possible illnesses rather than a side effect. SCARY again. For now, we have decided to not vaccinate our kids. A few people have told me before, that chances are Ellie won't get anything anyways because she will just be "piggy-backing" off other kids who are vaccinated. Well, this isn't true either, because if you look at REAL medical reports, in some cases up to 75% of children WHO HAVE BEEN VACCINATED get the disease. So no, I don't think that I'm "protected by the herd" or "piggy-backing", I think I'm going off of my principles that I wouldn't let Ellie drink toxic chemicals right out of a cup, and likewise, I won't allow that to enter into her body in the form of a shot.

But don't take my word on all of this- I'm not a medical researcher, nor am I a doctor. But I have read lots of things from people who are, credible people, that have opened my mind up. If you want to know anymore about this, here are a few resources:

Go to Mercola.com- He is a naturopathic doctor that has an incredible website with SO many resources for finding out the real 411 on vaccines.

Also, "Shots in the Dark"- this is a documentary and you can find it on You Tube for FREE just by typing that into the title line. It's over an hour and FULL of information to help you see what is in the vaccines that is so harmful, and REAL life stories of people who have been harmed or had their lives taken by vaccines.

If you are reader, I would suggest, "Childhood Vaccinations" by Lauren Feder. A really good FACTUAL book including each and every vaccine, each ingredient in the vaccines, and the side effects of each. She is a nationally recognized physician who specializes in wholistic health.

One quote from her book that I will leave you with, that I think is so right on, is this:

" In light of the current vaccine controversy, the goal of this guide was to provide you with a well-rounded view on vaccinations. Because most of us were raised with the mainstream pro-vaccine point of view, I feel it is important to become knowledgable about both sides of the story."


jenniferlauren photography said...

Not going to agree or disagree....I will say I am so grateful that ignorance was bliss when I had babies! My sister is making these decisions now and it is overwhelming at times. Yes, the internet is a wonderful thing, but I lose more sleep now that I can look up anything at anytime.

Brittany and Eric said...

Done lots of research myself, sista. Have been to some amazing seminars thanks to my life as a chiropractic wife and I really appreciate you getting more info out there. It's A LOT to take in and most people, including me at first, don't know exactly where to look so they just vaccinate, hope, and pray that their children will be healthy. I have got to get you this website from a seminar I just attended... it's SHOCKING the things we aren't told and just do blindly! Anyways, obviously, I stand with you passionate about this issue, so YOU GO GIRL for getting more info out there to people :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! I love Dr. Mercola and had no idea that anyone I knew also read his stuff! That is really exciting for me, Daniel is a little over a year and has never been around any vaccines and Hannah stopped when she was 6 months old after I decided to do some research on my own and after Hannah got the RSV Virus after getting a vaccine I was threw with them. It feels nice to know someone thats one the same page! Amen sista! lol

Organic Life Love said...

Okay- I am catching up on blogs! I think you know where I am at, and it feels so great to have friends that think the same way I do (I don't feel so crazy!)

Thank you for speaking up, and your resources are great!

I would add that my favorite resource is Dr. Tenpenny's site, but I have grown to love her Facebook page! It is one of the largest facebook pages, and it has a great community! You can ask any question and either the Dr, or all the other informed "fans" will answer. And, I've learned a lot from that facebook page! Dr. Tenpenny also shares all the latest vaccine news as it comes in right there!