Thursday, April 12, 2012

Disneyland/Out of Debt Trip!

As of late January we have officially been DEBT FREE !!! It has been awesome. We decided to celebrate by taking a family trip to Disneyland :) Ellie is into anything and everything princess at the moment, so we knew that she'd LOVE it. We only went to Disneyland for 1day, then spent the rest of the time relaxing at a hotel that was right on the beach....tough life, huh?! ;) Anyways, here are a few pictures of our time. 
 In the Finding Nemo submarine- very cool.
 On the Ferry Boat by Tom Sawyer Island :)
 This picture was too cute/funny to not pass up! Claire spent the majority of the Ferry ride in this area crawling around & as happy as can be. 
 On the train ride around Disney
 Ellie and Cinderella- Cinderella touched Ellie's shoulder and it was seriously the highlight of her trip!
 Snow White telling her story to us during story time! She did such a great job.
 The girls totally intrigued by her story...
 When we came in, the first characters we saw were Bert & Mary Poppins- from Ellie's favorite movie! She was so excited!
 All of us about to enter Fantasyland :) 
Ellie and I in the teacups :) 

We had a great trip! Ellie talks about her trip to Disneyland almost every day, so we are taking her back for her 3rd birthday this year :) 

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Anonymous said...

How FUN!! Such a great way to celebrate all your hard work!