Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Celebrations :)

We had a great time celebrating Easter this year. This was the first year in a while that I wasn't too busy and actually got to focus on the true meaning of Easter Sunday- Christ's resurrection! I enjoyed reflecting on His sacrifice for us and was very humbled. I was especially grateful that He made a way for Ellie and Claire to have a relationship with Him and have eternal life- there are no words to describe my deep appreciation of that. Before giving Ellie her Easter basket, we read a book to her about Easter- she seemed to get most of it in her little three year old brain :) We told her why we were celebrating and gave her the basket filled with fun stuff. Then we made cinnamon rolls- she loves to give special treats we make to our resident grandma ( an older lady who lives down the way) and she went up to her door, gave her the cinnamon roll, and said "Happy Jesus!"- it was so sweet! I wanted to cry. I'm so glad that she understood it even to that degree. Here are some photos of our day- somehow I forgot to take pictures during our egg-dying time-oops!

 Ellie swinging at the park while everyone played kickball and baseball :)
 I think she's a just a little excited about her basket ;)
 Claire trying on a necklace..
 Both girls digging in!
 What an Easter celebration without trying the "pink stuff" as Ellie calls it?! :) 
 All of us before church- didn't mean to have the gutter in the picture, but at least we're all in it!
 I love Ellie and Adam in this one...
 Claire's face is killin' me here! Just wanna pinch those cheeks right off!!!
 Awkward faces, but just as adorable. 
 So sweet.Gotta love huge hairbows! They rock.
Team "White Shirt"! Adam and I in our comfy gear before we hit the field to play games :) 

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