Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Holidays

Well, thanksgiving is here! Well...almost. And I am sooo ready for it! I think that I need some down time in light of all that has been going on lately. I've been a little stressed these days. I'm ready to just eat, relax, play games, laugh, and just be DONE with everything that has been 'in progress' in my life. It seems like everything is moving by so quickly in life right now, and I just want it to stop so that I can actually rest and be able to adjust to some of the changes that are happening. Adam and I are in the process of moving, working more than full-time, in the midst of a family crisis, carving out some time together, trying to keep our house in some kind of living order,buying new furniture, giving away old furniture, trying to maintain at least a few friendships, and figuring out what ministry to be a part of.....WOW! That's a lot...you never really realize how much you do until you write it down!

But all that to say, I still feel like my life is going well. And it is interesting that it's in some of the busiest times in your life that you can recieve some GREAT encouragement from the Lord in the midst of your struggles, and feel so on "autopilot" (as Alexa calls it) about life. The Lord is good.

Also, for thanksgiving, Adam and I are going to make sure that our families do share some thanks. Sometimes I feel like we miss that whole aspect, and it's all about the food, when really it's about THANKSGIVING! So, be thankful! :)

I will post some pictures from thanksgiving with both families :) We will be stuffed on Thursday! We are going to my family's for lunch, and then Adam's for dinner. But it'll be some good eatin'! And we will be full stuffed of thanks as well :)

Have a Happy THANKSgiving!

P.S. I'm already excited about Christmas, hence the blog decor!

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