Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Creative & Crafty

I'm coming out! I have had a list lately...of things I want to do... a secret stash in my head full of projects. And finally today I had some inspiration! My beloved friend Heather and I were looking through a magazine that had SO many CHEAP projects in it. And the cool part is, I already have some things at home that I can work on: 1) my bedroom curtains, 2) a mirror in our living room, 3) a curtain for our bathroom cabinet thing above the toilet, and 4) a big Styrofoam headboard covered in fabric for our bed. Yay! I'm super excited. I think that tonight I will start working on the long awaited pillow case that I blogged about centuries ago, and so we'll see how that turns out! So stay tuned and see what I come up with. Hopefully it's good stuff. I love to decorate, but things just seem so expensive, so this is a really neat thing that I can do while we are on such a strict budget. A few dollars here and there should be okay! I love looking at everyone else's cool creations on their blogs, and now I will have some to be excited about as well :)

Until next time...



Anonymous said...

have fun on all your new projects!! I am so way uncreative and have no patience for crafts; I wish I did! and about the weight thing...yes it is quite funny when you're told to "eat more". hahah!

shannon said...

we should get together and do crafts! its so fun! I miss you!