Monday, March 3, 2008

Our Vacation, Updates, and other Stuff

Hiking with Adam and his parents and the dogs
The best picture of the dogs EVER! They are terribly UN-photogenic normally!

A cool picture of Adam walking on the beach

We took this picture thinking we can make it on the slideshow for worship for all you people that go to MVBC! Ha!

Adam and I at the San Diego Zoo

Encinitas, CA

Well. It has been a few weeks since I last blogged. I have thought about it numerous times, but just never really had anything to write about. And I really don't have anything to say today either except that I have some time. I am home sick from work with allergies and athsma! Ugh. So, here is a quick update. Adam and I went on our vacation to Encinitas, CA, and it was amazing! There were a few unexpected obstacles in our way, but we looked past them quickly and LOVED the whole experience. It's so cool to be able to be together and remember how much you LIKE eachother. I mean, we are married, so of course we LOVE each other. But in my opinion, and Adam's, it's a very different thing to REALLY LIKE each other's company and companionship. We got a sweet refresher of that during those 5 days together, and it has given us some more energy to keep us going for a long while. I am in my last classes before I apply for the nursing program. Yay!!! And doing well in them. I am so ready to be done. Adam got his promotion at Wells Fargo and is in training right now. And we are both really working hard to get out of debt. So far we have paid off $12,000! We have sold stuff, worked our butts off, and sacrificed things here and there to save. It's so exciting and motivating. I am so thankful that we are in this season of life, and that we are really enjoying it. We are also going through a bible study/commentary on the Song of Solomn. It's called Intimacy Ignited and it's soooo good! Other than all that, we are hearing VERY challenging and encouraging sermons at church on the book of Jonah. So, that's the vacation, update, and other Stuff. I will write about something GOOD when it comes to me :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah for blogs!! The pics of you and Adam in CA are so adorable. That is so great you guys took that time together. It made me quite jealous seeing you at the San Diego Zoo! I love that place! Yes, you guys wait as long as you can stand it to have kids because of school. I knew Matt wouldn't be able to handle being in work, school, and also having a little baby at home! It would have been way too hard! Well, we'll keep in touch on this thing! :)

The Gibbs Family said...

A church, myspace and now blogger friend! I enjoy visiting your blog!
We are going to San Diego in July. We can't wait!