Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nursing School

It has been a LONG journey my friends. A lot of time. A lot of school. A lot of classes passed. A lot of classed failed. Good teachers. Bad teachers. BUT IT IS FINALLY GOING TO BE OVER!

Well...not all over. I still have actual nursing school to go. But, I am finally about to apply to the program! For a while I felt like this day would NEVER come. And I think that's why I procrastinated as long as I did. I didn't feel any urgency to get anything done because I knew I would be waiting forever.

But, this is quite the accomplishment for me. I'm finally doing well in the dreaded Anatomy & Physiology, and for once in my life I actually feel like if I wanted to, I could be an A student. I want to try and impress myself. So, we'll see.

For now though, it's getting through this last semester of math and anatomy. Then I wait. I do have a lot of plans though. While I wait, Adam and I will be able to get out of debt (God-willingly), save up for 6 months of living expenses, and start saving up for our very own home! There is a lot to be done during my wait, and I feel like we are in a great place right now, and are so motivated to attack our debt, then start building wealth for our little family one day. And I do have to note that Steve & Sophie are even sacrificing! We gave them a hair cut and they looked a little butchered. But still cute :)

If you guys would like to pray for me to get in the program sooner than later that would be awesome...and maybe that Adam and I would be able to spend some REALLY good time together so that it can prepare us for year and 4 months I will be workin' my butt off!



Shannon said...

this is the cutest layout!

thekirnancrib said...

thanks for your comment! your blog is beautiful, and you and your husband are so cute. I'll be reading your archives. :)