Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We're Back!!!

I can't say how happy I am to just be sitting here on my bed blogging. It is so relaxing, and I feel like I am turning a corner, and am definitely gonna get back to being my old self again....the self where I blog more than once every two weeks!

We just got back from Santa Fe, New Mexico on Monday night. It was GREAT and MUCH needed! Adam and I had such a good time talking up a storm & goofing around. We all need that little break every once in a while, right?! So, here is a recap:

-We left on Friday night and got to Santa Fe around 1am. We were pooped! Not to mention a huge snow storm was coming in, and we had NEVER driven in the snow! SHEESH! We were a little on the edge of our seats, and just a wee bit stressed...but we made it none-the-less.
-On Saturday we hung out with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and then headed off to our resort, which was VERY nice! We were able to spend a lot of time just sitting around talking about our goals for this coming year. Adam and I just LOVE doing that. It keeps us focused.
- Sunday we hung out in the town (it was sooo cold!) and went to little shops, and ate a TON! It's funny how when you go on vacations how much you eat!! I feel like those are the main events of the day... nothing to complain about though :)
-On Monday, we were suppose to have a leisurely morning, and then head home. HOWEVER, when we woke up, we opened the window to tons and tons of snow!!! It was soooo awesome, but it made the freeway we were suppose to take home really dangerous, so we had to go another WAY longer way to get back. Our car broke down on us about an hour and a half before we made it home (note that this was an 11 hr trip now!) ....COME ON!!!! But it magically started up again and we thankfully made it home safe after midnight.

This week we have just been going non-stop with car repairs and all of that, and we are in need of another vacation!!! But, you guys are a little escape from my reality, so thank you dearly. And I took some pictures of my belly!!!!!! Finally!

We were walking through town and laughed HARD at this!! I know how it's REALLY pronounced, but we were calling it the "Creepery"- Ha ha!-Needless to say, we didn't go in there.
All bundled up- we went to a little pizza shop on the 3rd story of a plaza and it was so cool!

Gotta love the timer on cameras!
A beautiful picture of the townAdam and I playing hangman & tic tac toe at the restaurant :)
My familyMy aunts Ecuadorian (spelling?!) Christmas Tree! How awesome is that?Adam's belly picture!

My long awaited tiny bump!!!

There you have it everyone. A very LONG recap of our time :) Only 4 more days as of tomorrow til we find out what "IT" is!!!!! Ahhhh!! Can't wait :)

Love, Krystle


thekirnancrib said...

love the pictures. YOU ARE SO CUTE! you are completely crazy, you so look preg and NOT FAT! so glad you guys had so much fun!

It's A Wonderful Life said...

hahaha! I think Adam needs to watch the calorie intake! so cute dude! Way to blog! Can't wait until Monday!!!!!