Friday, December 12, 2008

3 Years

We are going outta town people! And the forecast calls for snow :) I'm so way beyond excited about this. When we live in Arizona and the most we have to look forward to during Christmas time is a cloudy day, it gets really pathetic! So, here is to a real white christmas!!!

Adam and I are celebrating 3 years of marriage. It's crazy how the time flies by so fast. I never thought that I would be married for 3 years, and pregnant with our first child by age 23! Craziness. But it is so awesome, and such a blessing. I am married to my best friend, and honestly, there is nothing better than doing life with that person. We are planning on having an amazing time, and soaking up all the alone time we can get! I will be sure to post many many pictures upon our return :) And I know. No belly pics yet. I have taken some, but they are just not very good looking. It will be a happy day when it finally happens!!

On another note, did you notice my little meter off to the right?! By the time we get back, we will only have 6 days until we know what we are having! I can't wait!!! Those of you who haven't placed your bets go ahead, because it's getting to be crunch time people! Remember how I was saying that I didn't have any hunches? Well, I still don't...BUT...I can only see myself having a girl! I tried so hard the other night to imagine what it would be like to have a boy, but I couldn't! But who's all just one HUMUNGUS mystery....oh, and by the way, we aren't telling anyone what it is until Christmas! We are waiting until then to tell my parents & Adam's parents, so I would feel like they were a little cheated if I posted it on my blog :) So, consider it a present from our family to yours, and look for my on Christmas! ....that's not to say that I won't post before then too :)

Well, I'm off to get ready to go! Have an awesome weekend everyone.

Love, Krystle


Anonymous said...

your trippin' me up girl. If all you can do is imagine yourself with a girl then that might be what it IS! That's how I was with Kaiden. BUT I'm still guessing boy for you and I don't know why. hmmm.

Oh, and once to tell your families, you better hurry up and post it on your blog because I'm going to be checking like every 10 minutes!!! :)

A Glimpse of Home said...

Happy Anniversary you guys!

thekirnancrib said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I was the exact same way, I could ONLY imagine the ultrasound person saying "it's a girl..." and that's what she said! At least you have a 50/50 shot at being right. ;) Time does fly. I think back to even a YEAR ago and can not believe how things have changed!