Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Glory Baby

This morning I looked at my blog & something made me SO sick. I didn't even realize I did it, but once I did, it was like a train hit me.

On my little sidebar there, I put on the countdown that we were waiting for Porter Baby #2. I felt like I had completely discounted my other precious baby that I never got to meet. Just because that one didn't live as long as this one has, doesn't mean that it wasn't a part of us, and wasn't truly our 2nd baby. We refer to him/her as little sibling and still talk about them often.

I'm crying as I write this because it's just crazy how so long can go by, and then suddenly the pain of your loss hits. So many what ifs. I'm not quite sure what to do about the sidebar counter. I'm still going to think about it. But I wanted to acknowledge it. Acknowledge our Little Sibling that we loved SO much and only knew for a few weeks. This song brings a lot of encouragement to me when I think of him/her....

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jenniferlauren photography said...

I understand your grief and I hear your heart. I think of my first baby often, especially on Mother's day. I know that the terrible loss I suffered helped me appreciate the gift of my sons even more and cherishing them a little bit more is how I honor my first little one. I know you will find a way to always honor that little life that you loved. hugs and love to you!