Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Sermons

What's so good about the Gospel???

That is the sermon series that our church will be working through for a while. We are going through the book and Romans, and I'm SO excited about it. It's been a long time since I have actually applied what I am learning on Sunday to my everyday life- sad, huh? Totally embarrassed to admit that! Sorry Pastor Bob.

The truth is, the sermons are always (did I say always??) yep, always good. Really challenging. But my lazy butt has been too lazy to apply God's word to my life. So, today I decided to take action. I laid on my bed after church, and said a prayer something like this- " Hey God, ya it's me. Better late than never right??" Short and simple but very exciting. I think He liked it too :)

This week we talked about how the Gospel transforms us. We learned about Paul, and how he went from a position of authority & power, livin' the high life in Rome, and gave it up to be a bond-servant to Christ. Pretty powerful stuff. Paul is definitely the man. I mean, he wrote some of my favorite books in the bible, and was an apostle for goodness sakes. Byt the way, can you name all 12 apostles?? Off the top of your head? Some friends and I were watching Sister Act this weekend and that was a question on there at the beginning of the movie to the students- we racked our brain and could only name 9! Lame!----ok, whoa! Total sidetrack!----- ANYWAYS, it helped to remind me of when God transformed my life from a sinner to someone who was forgiven and redeemed. Changed me from someone who deserved death to someone who was given the grace of eternal life. I rememeber the day that I believed and how I was just sobbing with indescribable joy...a memory I will never forget-- my life was forever changed that day.

But it occurred to me today, that this "transformation" that we speak of is really not a one time event- it's a constant transformation. God continually doing His work in us, and reminding us of the sacrfice that he made through the Gospel.

The question burning on my mind today- and one that I will focus on this week until next Sunday when I learn something new is: " What does it look like to live a transformed life???"

Some thoughts I had for myself were:
  • Work a little each day this week on being more joyful & positive
  • Thank God for the transformation in my life often
  • Try to have my conversations be focused more around Christ

Now, that is a weak list I know, but it's a start. Let the transformation begin! Wondering what passage we went over today? Should you feel the need, crack your bible open to Romans 1:1-7.


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