Monday, February 21, 2011

Claire's Nursery FINISHED!

Deeeeeeep breath's finally done! Claire's nursery has been finished for a few days now and I couldn'tbe more pleased :) It was lots of hard work, but I am so happy that her little space is done and just waiting for her arrival- clothes washed, sheets clean, diaper and wipe bin is full- now all I need is her. I forgot to add a before picture, and really don't feel like looking for it, so if you wanna see one just go back a few posts :)

Pre-curtain: I love how the light looks coming in :)
Post-Curtain: I thought it would block out wayyy more light, so I'll probably have to do something about that!
This is a view from our room looking in :)
This is kinda random, but I scored this tablecloth from Target for a mere $4.98 and thought I'd share since it was such a steal!
Love, K


Anonymous said...

Her room is so cute Krystle!! Love it!

Brittany and Eric said...

It turned out perfect! I love it! Now, come on baby Claire... let's get movin!

Ashley said...

Love it! Come on baby girl!!