Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting SO close!

Thankfully we finished our room in plenty of time thanks to good friends :) I'm almost 36 weeks and getting so anxious & nervous about having everything DONE! I had Ellie a little after 38 weeks, so I feel like it is definitely crunch time around here. Here are some of the things we've been up to lately:
Our new comforter in our new wood floored room :)
A picture of our room bare- Out that window is where the nursery will be :)
So irritated this picture is the wrong way, but here are a couple of the walls painted in the nursery. Were going with a gray & pink them...I figured that gray would be the much more calming color on the walls!
We painted the paneling also...made it look so much cleaner & brighter in there! My next post will have the before shot so you can see the dramatic difference :)
A Closer view :)
I'm gonna try to get all my room postings done this week! Hope everyone is healthy and staying away from sickies! Ellie had a little stomach bug on Monday and that was NO FUN AT ALL!
Love, K

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Regina said...

Love how everything looks..My son the handyman..He does such a great job. Love and miss you all..