Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Fun!

I know that I put "Family Fun" in the title, but I thought I needed to document this photo! These are all the kids I watch during the day (well I watch Ellie everyday of course!). This is such a cute/funny picture of all of them. I have started the countdown...well, I officially started it like a week ago, but only 7 more days of watching kiddos for me! Then it's time to let my body chill out and rest til my little girl gets here :) So exciting!
From Left to Right: Sienna, Ellie, Scarlett, Noah, & Jude
Ellie posing in front of the christmas tree...our tiny tiny tree! It was perfect having all the kids in the house though- no one could pull it down on themselves and ornament touching was at a minimum!
The 3 of us at our church's Christmas Eve service :) Can't really see my belly much, but it's there!
Just being silly- my sweet girl.
Ellie out & about at the park!


Regina said...

Ellie is so cute..Love all the pics..

Brittany and Eric said...

Ellie is getting so big and is so stinkin cute! I am so excited for you to have that baby... it's just as incredible the second time around :)