Monday, August 27, 2007

My first blog

Just to set the record straight, I tried doing a xanga blog, but I just wan't computer savvy enough to do it, and it ended up just not being very here I am on, which is soo much easier. I like it :)

I thought that creating some kind of blog would be a good thing for me; 1) because I do actually enjoy writing, and 2) because it's relieving to get all your thoughts out sometimes. And it's good to have a place to go and remember different times in your life, AND to kind of make a trace of where God has taken you throughout your life.

So, here is a little bit to get started...

I have lived in Phoenix, AZ for about 10 years now. I grew up with my aunt and uncle and they basically adopted me. I know them now as mom and dad, and it's hard to believe that wasn't actually born into that family. So, I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. My brother (Jay) is in the Border Patrol Academy and graduates October 4, 2007. His wife Amanda is pregnant with my very first niece; Hana Renee Bartine. We can't wait for her to come! My sister Ashlee just went to college last week :( It feels really weird to have her gone. And as an older sister it always makes you wonder if you did enough or said enough to her before she went out on her own. But, she is very capable and independent :) She is going to do so awesome! My little brother Alex is in junior high and is very into skateboarding...he also has the 4-day girlfriends that all of us had in junior high...i think it's so funny! I love him :) And lastly I have my littlest brother Austin who is only 5! He makes me so happy :) I love to have conversations with him and see how much he's grown up. He is still my little baby! So that's the fam.

I was married to the best man EVER (Adam Porter) on December 30, 2005. He makes me a BETTER person and has changed my life in so many ways. He has shown so much love, grace, and care throughout our marriage and God really knew what he was doing when he put is together. I am truly blessed to have him be my partner. He has shown me the love of Christ when I needed it the most. He is my hero.

Adam graduated from Southwestern Bible College this last May with a degree in Biblical Studies. He works at Wells Fargo and is hopefully about to get a promotion to be a service manager :) We are praying! And I work at an electrician company during the week taking service calls and I own a little housecleaning business with my friend Heather called Crystal Clean. Meanwhile, I go to school online and I am studying to become a nurse...if I can EVER get through Anatomy! Ah!

I am writing a novel here, but I think that I deserve a little grace with it being my first one. I am hoping that blogging really opens me up a little. I intend to post blogs about what I am learning through the word as well as just going through life and experiencing being an adult and just living life. I think that I am a truly artistic person at heart, and my husband always says that I have no hobbies...HOWEVER, I am hoping to prove him wrong! And I think that writing is my outlet....we will see!

Hopefully this blog will force me to write down some of my profound and unprofound thoughts, and keep my family and friends updated on my life :)

I love you all!

Stay tuned...

P.S. I just recieved an enlightening poem from Adam that I thought I'd share...
I love you
Go take a poo
The cow says moo
The early morning dew
A swig of mountain dew
A hearty cup of beef stew
You a sucka foo

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