Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things to come...Maybe :)

Well, today is the official second day of my site, and I seemed to have forgotten a few VERY important people in my life...My best friend Heather and the baby in her tummy (Abby)! Abby was due yesterday but continues to be stubborn! I think that Heather has tried everything under the sun to get her out, but she has resisted and continues to do so! ...However, we can't wait for her to come! And we won't be one bit mad at her when she does FINALLY decide to come out because we will all be so overwhelmed with Joy!

On another note, we find out if Adam gets a promotion at the bank today...I'm so nervous! Be praying...but if it doesn't work out, it will be okay too. Because we are so content in our lives already and where we are going now is so good. So, no complaints either way :)

P.S. Today I was thinking about how special it will be to a mommy one day :) I just can't even imagine having a person grow inside of you...it's the best gift EVER! God is so creative and things like this never cease to amaze me,...and usually make me cry! So, that's it for today. I'll update everyone on the job thing tomorrow... until then....peace out!

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