Monday, June 2, 2008

P.S. I Love You

I just watched this movie tonight. I was wondering if I should, since losing my husband is like my WORST fear! But it was really good. Definitely my kind of movie. It had just enough laughter and crying for a girl to get all her emotions out :) But it did make me think about losing Adam. The sad part is that it happens to a lot of people. And I can't be naive to think that we are invincible. It gives me so much respect for those who have lost someone. It takes GREAT strength & courage to keep going.
As I'm writing this tonight, Adam isn't at home. He is at a concert...Demon Hunter & Living Sacrifice...not my kind of gig. But I'm all paranoid and can't sleep until he's home;thanks be to the movie! :( Bummer.
Thanks for being a time-filler for me everyone!


Anonymous said...


I am totally with you. Losing Matt is my biggest fear. I always joke with him and say, "be careful. I have to die before you do." I have not seen this movie, but I heard it's really good. I'll have to watch it some time! :) Karilee

thekirnancrib said...

DITTO on the worst fear. Ryan travels a lot during the day for hi job and I'm constantly worrying. Close friends told me NOT to see the movie... I know my limits! hee hee.

thekirnancrib said...

his* job, that is ;)