Thursday, June 12, 2008

Simpler Lifer

Ten principles for
living a simpler life

1. Know your top three priorities. Whether that's family, faith, and work or fun, food and friends, you'll make better time decisions when your values are straight in your mind.

2. Make your priorities a priority. It's one thing to talk the talk. Walk the walk, too, and let your commitments reflect your values.

3. Always move forward. A balanced life isn't static; it's keeping a secure hold on your values, goals, and dreams while you grow, learn, change, and love.

4. Be honest with yourself. Your gut (not to mention your conscience!) knows what it's talking about; listen up when it's telling you something.

5. Know your limits. "No" is the right response when the request doesn't fit in with your life priorities--no guilt required.

6. Let go when you can't be in control. When you can't change something, don't waste time worrying: work around it or forget about it.

7. Face chores cheerfully. No matter how well you prioritize your time, mundane tasks go with the territory. Embrace the everyday, and time will fly.

8. Spend smartly. Everything you buy is a direct result of the time you spend working. Make sure your hours are purchasing something worthwhile.

9. Love your home. A space that provides sanctuary and gives you pleasure is essential for your well-being.

10. Take time for yourself. You'll never find time to simplify your life if you don't give it to yourself.

If found this site blog surfing...of course! It was very refreshing. Sometimes, we all need a little reality check, and this was mine. My GOAL is to live a simple life, but somehow life just gets too crazy! Can anyone relate?? But, I figure that if I keep these things on the forefront of my mind, things are bound to improve! The hardest on that list for me are #5 and #6... for sure.

Here is the website if you guys want to check it out :)

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