Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Baby Changes Everything

I thought the title of this post was fitting. It's true in so many ways. In light of the upcoming season though, I heard a song called "A Baby Changes Everything" by Faith Hill. I absolutely LOVE it. She captures what Mary must have been thinking when she was pregnant with Jesus. It's really cool to think about the season through that perspective. I have so much respect for Mary. Though she didn't have a choice but to have Jesus, she was still faithful to what God wanted her to do.

Since being pregnant, I have been thinking a lot. Mostly being nervous about my ability to be a mom. I said before that I really want to lead my child by example. Now, I am NOT naive to think that I will do everything right, but there are certain things that I feel should be in place. And all of these things have to do with my faith. It's weird. Lately, I have really noticed my timidness (is that a word?) towards being open about my faith. For example, I find that when I'm in church and I'm enjoying a worship song, I feel embarassed about lifting my hands in fear of what people will think. Or when I'm around friends and I want to just talk about how Good the Lord is, I hold back because, again, I'm afraid that they will think I'm lame or not really know or understand how I'm feeling. The question that is always popping in my head is, "Is this how I want my child to feel about their faith? Do I want them to hold back in fear of PEOPLE?!" The answer-ABSOLULETY not. My faith in Christ is what makes me who I am. And hopefully it's what makes my child who they are too.

I was telling a few of the high schoolers last night that I love the song by Third Day "Nothing Compares". It talks about how nothing compares to greatness of knowing Jesus & having a relationship with him. NOTHING... The approval of people, my posessions, my appearance, the things that I enjoy,etc. When I first became a christian, I remember putting my headphones on and just sinking in all of those sweet & precious words about Jesus in my 5 worship songs I found. I listened to them over and over. I secluded myself from all of my friends, from everything, just so that I could have MORE of Jesus. My life felt so FILLED with joy & gratitude that someone would sacrifice themself for ME. What an amazing feeling. Truly, nothing compares to that satisfaction. Jesus has been humbling me lately with that memory. There is nothing in my life that can possibly compete wtih Him. He is where all my happiness lies.

So, today, Mary inspires me. Her faithfulness, her dedication, and her sacrifice (knowing that she will have to give her innocent Son over to pay for the sins of the world. I want to be selfless like that. Genuiness is what truly attracts. So, when I feel like lifting my hands in praise, or shouting at the top of my lungs about how the Lord is soooo good and above everything else, I'm going to do it. Am I going to worry about people thinking that I'm corny or cliche?? Nope. There won't be a hint of that. I will leave you with the Third Day song that brings me to my knees EVERYTIME.


The Mathis Clan said...

Good post. Isn't it bizarre that we can allow ourselves to be timid and uncomfortable with the one thing that matters most. It's called the "good news" for a reason! Oh, and I love that song too, its so beautiful!

thekirnancrib said...

you are going to be an AWESOME mom. you are already!

Lara said...

This was so good. Being pregnant brings with it all sorts of introspection. You will definately find yourself in all of this, and because of it, you will be a strong, able, worthy mom.
I think about Mary a lot this time of year. I should more often in the other months - she is definately inspiring and choice.