Friday, November 28, 2008


Well, I realize that everyone and their mom is going to post a thanksgiving post, and I sure didn't want to be left out of the club! Ha :) Adam and I had a VERY eventful thanksgiving, and had a ton of fun with our families. Last year Adam was sick with food poisoning, so neither of us got to be with our families. Thankfully, this year totally made up for it! I would say that my thanksgiving officially started on Wednesday night when my sister-in-law and I made 2 casseroles & 2 pies. I was beyond exhausted, and really wanted to give up a few times, but she kept pushing me til we were done! Thanks Tiffany :) It all turned out great. Wednesday night we spent the night at my parents, woke up, and then I helped my mom some with the cooking, and we had lunch there. Then, around 2:45 or so we drove over to Adam's parents for round 2!!! Needless to say we were totally stuffed and I'm sure that my belly grew....not due to the baby, but to all the yummy food! Here are some pictures of our time. (Of course they are a little out of order..I'm so bad at putting the pictures in right!)

Pumpkin Pie! Yum!!
Tiffany & I preparing Apple Pie

The beginning of the night...when I was happy :)

Adam and I at my parent's house

My sister and I being goofy

The Meal

My family at Lunch...Round 1 down!

Me making ANOTHER was early, can you tell?!

Adam and I at the Porter's

Tiffany & I being very proud of our casseroles

The Porter Boys

Adam & I (and the baby!)

Tiffany & Anthony

Adam & Anthony

Now, don't tell me Thanksgiving is ONLY for humans...Steve & Sophie have a lot to be thankful for too! And since we are thankful for them, we gave them lots & lots of turkey :)
We hope that you all had a great thanksgiving. The Lord is truly so good, and there is soooo much to be thankful for!
Love, Krystle


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thekirnancrib said...

love the pictures. I'm so glad you had such a great day! However, I don't see any belly pictures missy!

Jake said...

Looks awesome. Now I feel left out because I didn't post a Thanksgiving post!