Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Project Turkey

Every year at our church, we do a little something called "Project Turkey". It's a really fun ministry to be a part of. We get to take a box of food to a family in need, equipped with a full thanksgiving dinner. We are a part of the high school ministry, and we drive some of the students around to deliver the boxes. This year, we had some of my small group girls come along! They chatted up a storm (of course), but they are a TON of fun to be around :) Here are some pictures of our time. Oh yeah, and also just some random ones...we finally got a new camera!!! Yay!
P.S. Ashley, never fear, Belly pics are coming soon!

The Loot
Adam & The Crazy Girls!

Adam and I

The puppies w/their TERRIBLE haircuts!

Adam and I taking some good ol fashioned self-portraits w/the new cam!


Rebecca Tresler said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! And congrats on your pregnancy!!

thekirnancrib said...

sounds like so much fun. yay for a new camera and YAY for belly pics! I can't wait!!!