Friday, June 5, 2009

Nothing Compares

Nothing compares to the Greatness of knowing Jesus.

I have blogged about this statement before, but it is something that runs deep in my blood. Jesus saved me from a distructive life, and gave me a hope in Him and in life. I am so thankful. I have reflected on my past few blogs. I will say that I know that I am very open & honest. I like it that way. Life isn't always peachy, and we can't pretend. It doesn't help anyone...and most of all, it makes us loose ourselves. With that being said...

I can't let my circumstances dictate how I will be from one day to the next. God put me on this earth for a purpose. Right now, my purpose & mission is to raise up my child in the way she should go. It's also to maintain a steadfast love for my Savior that doesn't waiver. All the things below in my last post still stand, but today I have decided that I need a new perspective.

It's ok to be down. It's ok to throw pitty parties for yourself every once in a while. It's ok to wish that your circumstances were different. But it's NOT ok to forget to depend on the Lord for strength to get through the day...and to do it with JOY. Not forgetting that we live here on this earth not to be satisfied & content. We are to feel like aliens. Never comfortable.

For me, being a parent has not been "comfortable" so far. So, according to my God, I'm in the right place. Feelings of inadequacy and insecurities are to be expected. I can't let it overtake me though. I don't believe that it's honoring to the Lord to wallow in my circumstances for too long. So, right now, today, I'm changing paths. This is not to say that each day won't be hard still. It's not to say that I'm going to wake up tomorrow and feel great. But I am saying that I am going to CHOOSE to live each day for Lord. Whatever that looks like each day- on my knees, with my hands raised in worship, with tears of joy overflowing, with small prayers throughout my entire day, or one long-whole hearted prayer at night spilling myself out to Him.

Because at the end of the day, all that matters is that I remembered that NOTHING compares to Him. A perfect day, a perfect baby, no breastfeeding problems, no mastitis, or a full nights sleep won't make me satisfied (well, maybe for a little while!). It's only HIM that will fill me up.


Adrienne said...

AMEN! :)

S. said...

what a positive, uplifting post! I hope some of the things that were keeping you down in your last post have improved.