Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life goes on...

Hello Everyone who reads this!,

Nothing much has been going on lately. I have no profound thoughts to write about, no cool things that I've been doing, etc. Well, actually I was listening to "Ice, Ice Baby" just a few minutes ago and it made me happy :) I was dancing at my desk at work! Ha!

AND I watched a REALLY neat video on something called GodTube yesterday that was really impactful. I will put the link to it at the bottom of this page when I'm done. It was about how we as Christians always chase after so many things in life that eventually leave us empty, and God still waits for us to come back to Him and is fighting for us to come back. So, check it out!

I decided that I am going to take a CNA course (Certified Nurse's Assistant), so that I can introduce myself to the world of nursing. Deciding on a career is so hard. I have already changed my mind a few times in my college career, and then I just heard a statistic that something like 80% of people have jobs that had NOTHING to do with their majors! How depressing! I want to make sure that I am actually going to school for something that I'm passionate about. And I think I am, so hopefully I'm in the clear :)

Something else that I have been thinking about lately however, is how frustrating it is to have superficial relationships with friends. I have grown very weary of them, and I feel like I have actually been avoiding them.I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but it just is. I want to be involved in people's lives who actually want to know who I am, the good and the bad, and stick with me through it all. Because really, what is a friendship if there really isn't any depth? It's just an aquaintance (wow, i think i spelled that way wrong! i wrote it a few times!). So, the way I see it is that I have a choice: I either try to go deeper with those friends, and invest a lot of time, and hope to get it in return, OR I invest even DEEPER in the friends I already have. Hmmmm....

Well, that's all for today. Hope everyone is well, and I will write more soon :)


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