Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time to Come Home

Here are the lyrics to a song that has really been speaking to me lately. It's by a guy named Scott Phillips ( a small christian artist), and he is on myspace. You should check him out...this song continually reminds me that we aren't suppose to be on this earth and that we were meant to be somewhere else. ..www.scott-phillips.com


You are out of place
You weren’t meant for a world like this
This is not your home…not really
Suffering seems never ending

But soon enough…soon enough
When its time to come home
The lights will be on
You dreams come to life
And your nightmares are gone
When its time to come home
You’re more than just a guest
The doors have been unlocked
So come in and find your rest
I’ve prepared a place…for you
There will be a day when you can tell
The sheep from the wolves
When the shepherd of the flock

Who seeks and saved the lost comes to call
I’ve prepared a place, but the barricade of sin
Has thrown away the key
But my blood will get you in

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