Monday, October 22, 2007

And Relaxation Came...

Hello Friends!

Well, Relaxation truly did come on our 3-day adventure :) It was peaceful, mind-less, slow, and reviving! Pictures will come soon (probably later tonight), but I will describe our little adventure in the meantime.

We got a late start going up because we had to make sure that our new OLD debt-free car was going to make it up okay. By the way, we recently sold our Ford Focus for what we owed on it, and a sweet couple in our church practically gave us car to replace it. And now we are well on our way to becoming debt-free! Woohoo! ...then we were well on our way. We finally made it to our Bed & Breakfast in Williams, AZ and it wasn't quite as picture perfect as it seemed in the was a little disappointing, but I think it had personality :) Our room was a lovely mixture of floral and chinese decorations! So random. The walls and bed were 100% floral, and they had a few chinese paintings on the wall, and a couple vases that looked like genie bottles! We then talked about what our 3 wishes would be if a genie did in fact come out, and Adam said that my wishes weren't cool enough...( I think it's because I didn't choose to be any form of a superhero!). The next day, we went to a small lake and walked around the whole thing and talked about all sorts of stuff. And I got blisters on my feet! Ouch! That night we went to Flagstaff in search of some "good necked" shirts for Adam. We were very unsuccessful. Although I did find a super cute purse at the Goodwill there! On Sunday we took the Grand Canyon Railway up to the Grand Canyon. That was really fun :) They had neat country music and little skits all along the way. When we got to the Grand Canyon it was COLD!!! And I was too much of a wuss to hike...I didn't make it very far! Meanwhile there were people along the trail that were wearing flip flops and shorts! But they were guys so I don't think that counts...they were just trying to show how tough they were! That night we got to go see my sister NAU. We took her to get some "real" food at Oregano's and checked out her dorm room. I'm so proud of her :) She is doing so good and gets more and more mature every time I see her. I love you Ash! And that was the End. We made our way home and finally got back at about 11:30pm. The next day I had to wake up at 5am to go to clinicals for my CNA class and needless to say, I am TIRED! So, that was it. Not much to it, but it was great!

P.S. I also made up a word while on the trip...Relaxful!...Adam graciously reminded me that relaxful was not a word, being the scholar that he is, but we liked it! And we thought it was a great word to describe our time. I think it could be a word though....

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