Monday, October 29, 2007

Jesus & Inspiration

"It's because He gave it to me. My faith, my hope, my love - these are all copies."

I must have read that quote about 10 times. Here is some background. I read other people's blogs, and I came across this one. The lady had her second baby about 5 weeks ago, a little girl named Copeland, and she only lived 1 week after she was born. She had a chromosomal disease that caused her to die, and these are words from her mother who blogs about her feelings. It is powerful to say the least, and it changes the way I view my walk with Christ when I see this woman being so open and candid about her walk and how she doubts, but continually clings to the love of Christ. It makes my laziness towards reading my word, and soaking it in, and living it, seem ridiculous. This woman's blog has scripture weaving throughout it, and that is what keeps her going. Forgive me Lord for being so undisciplined!

Well anyways, that quote really hit me because it's so true. When we think about faith, hope, and love, it does not come from us it comes from the copy given to us by Christ. The other night I was sitting in my living room after talking to my mom, and I curled up into a ball and just sobbed. I was broken for my family. I was wondering why life had to be the way it was for them. Had God handed them a bad card in life? Why couldn't he just make it a little easier for them? When I read those words, I was reminded that God is where I am. He is also broken for them, and wants them to have peace and rest as well. My compassion, grief, anxiety, and brokenness comes from the love I have for them...which all comes from Him. I'm not experiencing something new, the hurt I feel is not unique. He feels it everyday when He sees his children hurting. We live in a sinful world, and there are glimpse's a rest and peace, but there is mostly brokenness and pain. But there is hope. A song to sing that never ends, and it's the hope of something eternal and better than this life. My pastor said on Sunday how we (as believers) are to be the healers. We are to do His work for Him while we are here. He gives us a copy of His great love that allows us to encourage, heal, and spread the hope that comes with knowing the God of the Universe. I am thankful for my copy. I am thankful that He feels the hurt and the struggle, and I'm thankful that He understands and cares. My little copy helps me to reach those around me. It encourages me and reminds me that if my love is so big, that I merely have a small copy of something that is much bigger and greater.

The link to her website will be posted under my "Special Friends". So check it out and be encouraged!

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