Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gilmore Girls

When I was younger I use to watch the Gilmore Girls every Tuesday night and I loved it. And I was recently thinking about it and thought it would be SOOOO fun to rent all the DVD's and watch them. I could have a huge house-cleaning day, laundry day, cooking day, etc, all while watching the Gilmore Girls! It sounds fantastic to me! :)

The only problem with this, is that I have NO TIME! It seems literally impossible for me to have a whole day off. How depressing. So, I will keep you updated whether or not it happens.

On another note, I never made the covers for my living room pillows :( Here is why:
1) I didn't have the money to buy the fabric.
2) I don't really know how to sew very well.
3) There wasn't even enough time to do that.

So, there you have it. When I do actually do them, I will for sure post pictures because I will be very proud!

In spite of being so busy lately, friends have definetely pulled through for me. I have been able to just be myself and vent my frustrations, cry, laugh, and be encouraged. It has been a real blessing :) This is an update from my blog a posted a few weeks ago on friends. So, thank you God for encouraging me in that way.

I finish my Nurse's Assistant Program tomorrow! I'm so happy :) I have managed to keep a good attitude through it all though, and be awake when all I wanted to do was sleep! I can't wait to feel the freedom of knowing that I passed and did a good job. And have some time to spend putting my life back into some kind of routine. I was getting tired of the routine before, but now I am missing it. But that's life I guess... :)

One last thing, Adam works at Wells Fargo as many of you know, and there have been some kidnappings of employees there this past week( not at his branch though) in order to get money, and I am scared for my husband! Not that he is not manly and can't fend for himself, but it seems like these people know what they are doing. So, pray for protection and justice in this whole situation.

Thank you all for reading all of my randomness in this blog...

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